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The one hundred and tenth Salman Farsi Particular Operations Brigade[2] (Persian: تیپ نیروی مخصوص ۱۱۰ سلمان فارسی, romanized: Tip-e Niru-ye Makhsus-e 110 Salmān-e Fārsi) is an SOF Takavar unit of the Islamic Innovative Guard Corps Floor Forces based totally within the town of Zahedan, within the province of Sistan and Baluchistan.[3] The brigade is recently commanded through Brigadier Basic Hossein Almasi (Persian: حسین الماسی) and a part of the “Qods sector headquarters” in southeastern Iran.[4][5][6]

Historical past[edit]

The brigade originated in 1986 as a battalion of the forty first Tharallah Department, collaborating within the Iran-Iraq conflict.[1] After the conflict, it changed into its personal brigade in 2011, and, in 2015, following important particular coaching, the brigade was once declared a different operations Takavar brigade.[7] Since then, it has taken phase in preventing the insurgency in Sistan and Baluchistan province from its base within the town of Zahedan, in addition to participating within the Iranian involvement within the Syrian civil conflict.[8][9][10]

Assasination strive[edit]

On 23 April, 2022, the Qods sector headquarters introduced that 4 gunmen had ambushed the auto of one hundred and tenth Brigade commander Hossein Almasi at an army checkpoint close to Zahedan, killing one among his bodyguards named Mahmoud Absalan however failing to assassinate the commander.[11][12] Whilst blame for the assassination strive was once no longer formally placed on any celebration, some Iranian media networks held the Mossad liable for the assault.[6]


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