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Covid 19 and current situation of Education

Covid 19 and current situation of Education

Corona Virus was first started from Wuhan and Hubai city China. Then reached in Pakistan on 26 February where cases were reported in Karachi and Islamabad. then the Government decided to close all the Institutions along with smart lockdown. even Corona Virus spread in all Provinces of Pakistan on 18 March. when lockdown remained continued till May and cases were rapidly increasing.

Then Government did not took any step for Educational institutions where as Higher Education Commission (HEC) decided to start the online classes of universities And sujjested to all Vice Chancellors of Universities for planned to launch Learning Management System (LMS), where the Private Universities successfully launched the LMS, but Along with University of Sindh Jamshoro, University of Karachi, Shah Latif University Khairpur, many universities of Pakistan could not successfully implement or run LMS.

But only started online classes through external applications like Zoom App, Microsoft, and Google meet, Google classroom etc. some students even me also appreciated that decision but it could not be implemented on all the students. because in Government Universities 90% students belong to remote areas, even 50% of them belong to poor families who are insufficient to buy laptop or smartphone so how they can attend online, as i am studying in BBA at IBA, University of Sindh where i can give prove that 60% students are not attending online classes  then what government is doing for them.

It is not only calamity for students but also instructors are also facing this major problem of connectivity. And HEC promised to all that they would take step for connectivity issues and expenses packages and said they will collaborate with all data companies like Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Telenor and all others in Pakistan, but humble sorry to say that they also did not collaborate with these companies.

I am not against of Federal government nor any provincial government and stakeholders, But i feel sad when i see all the Institutions are opened rather than Education. In september and october Government decided to open the educational institutions but they saw that the cases were increasing, again they decided to close all the Institutions, where as all the Markets, shopping Malls, Marriage Halls, Regious conventions and political rallies are going on but Educational Institutions are closed and it is not way to forbid the pandemic and it will entail a big loss, even i can understand that is is compulsion of Government but decision should be similar for all Institutions.


                In current scenario the Nobel Corona Virus is rapidly increasing day by day where as we need effective strategies to prevent the pandemic, all the stakeholders should come front line, and Government should orient all to be isolated untill we all get freedom of Pandemic, and they facilitate the educational institutions, and also collaborate with all concerned to online study and Learning Management System for the condolence of students. And Government must stop other unnecessary activities which are freely going without precautions and SOP,s.

Submitted by Ishtiaque Ali Kapri, 09 December 2020


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