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When you can stop, you don’t want to and when you want to stop, you can’t.

Addiction? It’s a disease in which a person has an urge to do something. It’s hard to control. It’s hard to stop. You might be thinking about good or bad addictions? Our culture tells us about the good (exercise, work, books) and bad addiction (drugs, alcohol, excessive usage of medicines) but in reality, every addictions has some harmful outcomes in every person.

As you know, Drugs  are the harmful substance which can cause severe harm to a person’s life. Addiction is when a person cannot stop himself from taking it. Drugs not only include  heroine, marijuana, cocaine or other illegal drugs but also others like painkiller, nicotine, alcohol, and other legal addictions. Once a person tries to use it he will be in need of it on a daily basis and that daily basis. Males tend to be more addicted than females.

 You may seen one who feels a headache, he chooses to take a pain killer that will give him an immediate reaction. He feels good right after consuming it. The next time, he will be taking it again and again repeatedly when feeling a headache and even without it. His addiction shows when he will not be able to step back from it. Usage of the drugs seriously affects both physical and mental health of a person. You can see all of these problems in an addicted person in the alteration of his moods; he may sit alone at a place and engage in a criminal activities. Many have a sudden lose or gain in weight, loss of memory and sleep disorder. Their senses are highly disturbed, they will think that they are always right and will not accept anything otherwise. In short excessive usage of anything is harmful for everyone.

Another addiction is cell phones . Everyone has a mobile or cell phone these days. Although cell phones provide an access to information and to connect with loved ones but on the other hand people become addicted to it. Video games causes serious addictions towards cell phones because people play it constantly, some not only play it but also try to copy it in actual life which causes mental attachment, stress and sleeping problems. If they don’t play they will have a bad day.

 Another reason for cell phone addiction is using social media too much, people don’t even want to use but they are scrolling it just for fulfilling their habit, wasting time and not getting their work done. Using cell phone excessively for checking messages or daily updates is an example of serious addiction of it. Those who are addicted to it are always stressed out and  talk aggressively with everyone. An Islamabad based psychologist gave the statistics about the smart phone usage. Highest usage of smartphone in Pak. i.e. 55.7% higher than other countries i.e. Switzerland with 16.90%, Spain with 12.50%, France with 21.59%, UK with 10%, India with 39.44%. Take a time and think about your self, if you are one of those using your cell phone all the time.

Then comes the Books Addiction. You might be thinking that it’s a good addiction. Lets see. Reading books is not a bad thing. But, a habit of reading it the whole day is not good. If a person reads a book in their scheduled time, then he will be refreshed and active. Book readers have a bulk of knowledge, good writing skills, creativity. Many things can be adopted from books. But on the other side it can be bad too. It depends on which type of book a person chooses to read. A person may read  novel or a horror book. Reading may have a negative consequences. If reading it all the time because of his interest, then he or she actually become addicted to it. He will be reading those books everyday neglecting other important tasks. If they don’t fine anything to read, the can’t live peacefully. They become lazy and stressed out with sleeping problems due to his addiction. In short, everything in a moderation looks good. Try to read books that are good for your self.

At last I would say that whatever I have written in my article is personal as I have seen most of the people around me are involved in the above mentioned addictions. They don’t know what to do now, just sitting alone that their life has just ended but this is not the case. There are many treatments for addiction. Family and friends are the most important people around us. They can help us in everyway. They can guide us in a better way to enable us to avoid bad things.

 The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones. – Somerset Maugham 

Submitted by UROOJ QAMAR, 09 December 2020

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  1. Well written article. When I am reading this, I thinks about my lifestyle what I did actually most of these are the same thing. Keep it up👍

  2. Well written article. When I am reading this I am thinking about my daily routine. Actually most of these habits are mine so its relatable to my lifestyle. Keep it up Urooj Qamar👍

  3. Very good article addiction of anything is not good for us. This article helped me to get rid of my addiction. Good job urooj Qamar

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