Sports Kashmir Premier League Lanucing Ceremony Shehryar Afridi

Kashmir Premier League Lanucing Ceremony Shehryar Afridi


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Shehryar Afridi Chairman of Pakistan Kashmir Committee on Saturday launched the Kashmir Premier League (KPL). The first premier cricket tournament of Azad Jammu and Kashmir like Pakistan Super League (PSL). Kashmir Premier League (KPL) will set off cultural and sports activates to raise the voice of people from Azad Jammu and Kashmir internationally.

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KPL event organized and skirt by President Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan. Shahid Afridi internationally well known Pakistani National Cricketer is a brand ambassador for KPL. Azhar Mahmood, Chief Coach for KPL, President KPL Arif Malik and Shehzad Akhtar Chaudhry KPL CEO, Shehryar Afridi addressed that Kashmir Premier League would help put people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir on the World Sports Map.

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