Cameron Munter says ” Pakistan had failed to use funds given by US Government effectively

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Cameron Mentor “Former US ambassador to Pakistan” said on Sunday that

Pakistan has not utilized funds given by US in effective and fruitful manner

He said above word while addressing an event in Karachi. According to him Government of USA gave a lot of funds to Pakistan to effectively combat and control terrorism during reign of Retd. General. Musharraf.

He said by taking into account possible meeting between Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and President of US Donald Trump that “it is possible that they may find some points of common interest” whenever meeting will take place between leaders of two countries.

President of US; Donald Trump has shown wish to meet with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in order to talk on efforts of US to take start of process of peace in Afghanistan.

Leaders of both countries; US and Pakistan are in power and they possess quite good sense of politics. They have feeling of fingertip; and with people they are quite clever.

Former US Ambassador to Pakistan said these words while addressing in Karachi.

According to ambassador “Cameron Munter” government of US gave a lot of funds to Pakistan to promote education in Balochistan and Sindh; but use of funds according to him was not appropriate.

He said “The focus of Pakistan Government was developing sector but now at this time the development of good governance is need of hour”  Moreover he also said that “If Pakistan really wants to make progress then it should spend funds given by Government of US in appropriate and effective manner”

He also said “It is utter desire of Government of US to maintain good and sound relations with Pakistan; and that;s only reason behind investment of Government of US in educational sector in Pakistan”

Fawad Ch. Information and Broad Casting Minister said in response to statements of Cameron Munter that “He does not grasp the strength of USA and Pakistan relations”

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