Phobias vs Society

Almost every person has a fear of one or more things like fear of deep water, height, spiders, animals, flying and so on. For some people this fear is minor but for some, it is very severe that it may cause anxiety and interrupt their daily life, that’s a phobia.

Phobia vs. fear

It is a normal mechanism to become afraid in dangerous situations; it is a protective mechanism that activates the “fight-or-flight” system of our body. But phobia is something else; it is the fear of something that poses small or no actual danger. Even just imagining or thinking about that object make you anxious and breathless. A phobia is an intense feeling that can’t be controlled even you know that your fear is irrational.

Phobias and society

Look around you there are so many people that are phobic to one or more things. I also have aquaphobia, but the problem is that many people around you even sometimes your own family members don’t understand your situation. I will like to share my personal experience. In last summer’s, I visited farmhouse with my family so all my cousins were playing in the pool and I was sitting near there. They were all calling me but I refused. All of the sudden one of my cousin picked me up and throw me into the pool. For them it was fun but for me, it was like my death approaches me. I was just about to drown but my brother jumped in the pool and rescued me. So the thing is that we have to understand the fears of people around us because we can’t even imagine how difficult it is to face such situations. Phobic need support and help to overcome or face their fears. They want to be understood by their loved ones and also by their surroundings.

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