Social networks and their side effects

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Living in the world of social networking has bought many benefits for us. Connecting to friends in other countries, worldwide news, education and many other things are now just one click away. In this modern era, people are connected to each other more than they have ever been in the history of time. And this is all because of social networks most importantly facebook, twitter and Instagram. But there is a limit for everything as the excess of anything is bad.

Side effects of social media networks:

No doubt that social media can have benefits but using them frequently can also cause negative effects. By my personal experience the most important negative effects are as follows;

  • Isolation from real world

Setting apart from everyone, Making online friends and forgetting the real ones is the worst effect of social networks that I have seen. I mean chatting with an online friend you have never seen or met personally and ignoring the one sitting next to you is really bad.

  • Self esteem

Perfectly filtered images on Instagram, showcasing an idealized life through images may set unattainable and unrealistic standards for immature minds. Comparing their lives with others and realizing that they are not perfect, hurts their self-respect and integrity.

  • Sleep disorders

Today one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation is social media. Now a day’s teens remain active on social media all day even during their sleep time, it can result in sleeping disorders. That ultimately affects their daily routine.

  • Mental health

Many surveys have show that social media can cause many mental issues most importantly anxiety and depression. If in some aspects it makes you feel happy then it can also make you sad and depressed. Internet addiction can cause structural changes in the brain and may have bad impact on brain functioning.

increase in anxiety and depression due to social media use

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