Procrastination: A guide to stop Procrastination

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Procrastination is actually delaying or postponing tasks without any reason and unable to achieve goals.
Basically, Procrastination is one of the biggest challenges that we all have faced at one stage in our lives. Mostly students procrastinate especially in their academic activities like assignments and home works. According to a research study, about 25 to 75 percent of college and school students procrastinate on their academic work.
“Procrastination is not just avoiding or delaying a task, It also has to include an aspect that’s counterproductive, irrational or unnecessary.” says David Ballard.
How to Stop Procrastination:
The first and foremost thing is willpower and determination. If someone is really determined to his work, then definitely he will overcome this issue. But still there are some other ways to control this like:
• By bundling the behaviors that we like in the short run with behavior that is good for us in the log run e.g. conducting very tough and bored official meeting in a good restaurant will ultimately have positive effects on the team attitude.
• By making the results of procrastinate more immediate
• Commitment to future plans is one the effective strategies to prevent laziness and delaying in work. When someone set a goal in his life, then he will definitely put efforts to achieve this goal.
• Make a time table for daily routine tasks and then try to follow it strictly.
• With the right attitude, one can go anywhere easily whatever he/she chooses
• If task is quite complicated and large, then break it into smaller tasks and set a schedule to do these tasks on regular basis, it will ultimately lead to task completion.
• Try to stay away from all the interruptions that may interrupt in your tasks.
• Decide a reward for yourself upon completion of your task, it will highly motivate you.

I hope that you have found this guide on procrastination very useful.

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