Turkey and Its Initiative Part 2

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In municipality parks they are very beautiful and well organized small football grounds and in order to play in them you have to wear the uniform and shoes. The fee is also charged at rates of per hour of the grounds and small machines of water and juice is also provided near the grounds.

to nourish children for future ruling the governors emptied their seats and presented to students for some time and even the president presented his seat to a student to flourish them.


Let’s conclude this topic with a story of a man who used to give balloons to the students, In Istanbul a guy used to stand at the door step of the mosque with a full bag of balloons which are usually used to make shapes. Whenever a child passed near from him he made him a crown or a sword with the balloon for free and he used to do that in order to brief that since we have left the sword the crown of dignity and honor has been removed from our heads.

Turkey being situated in west but instead of following the western culture she is introducing new ways to the world.

In turkey children’s health and education is been in observation and is teaching them the real obligation of life and how to be modest with human beings. Such revolutionary and exemplary manners are been taught to the new generation. Such exemplary education and upbringing is adopted by turkey which is becoming example for the whole world.

Point to Ponder:

Just let’s think being a Muslim the ways on which we are walking and adopting would they take us to the honor or shame in this world and in the life hereafter.

A big question we just have to find the answer in ourselves. 

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