Allah Hu Akbar

In our prayers we hail Allah Hu Akbar Allah Hu Akbar have you ever thought Allah Hu Akbar means Allah is biggest then everything what does it really mean? Let me tell you what basically is meant by Allah HU Akbar in real.

The earth on which we live it is bigger than 30 trillion zillion times as compared to an ordinary men but our sun is 1 million time bigger than our earth.

As compared to our sun a star named Etacarinae is 50 million times bigger than our sun. After that getel Geuse star comes which is 30 billion times bigger than our sun and then what to say about viv Canismajoris star as it is I trillion times bigger than our sun.


Do you know in which galaxy we live in its called Milky Way galaxy and in our galaxy like our sun there are more than 30 hundred trillion suns. This galaxy is too much bigger that if we sit on such a vehicle that the vehicle travels 300000 km/sec means it travels 7 times around the earth in just one sec then this vehicle will take 100000 years to cross our very own galaxy. Now did you came to know that how big our galaxy is? But not yet lets meet with our nearest galaxy whose name is Andromeda and it is twice as bigger than our galaxy.

  But this is also smaller M81 named galaxy is 60 times bigger than our galaxy.

IC11 galaxy is 600 times greater than our galaxy now did you begin to understand what is basically Allah Hu Akbar. Yet this is not ended like galaxies are made up of stars same like them galaxies are made up to make clusters. Our galaxy is situated in Virco named cluster.

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