Allah Hu Akbar Part 2

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Our galaxy is situated in Virco cluster and in the same cluster there are 47000 more galaxies.

Clusters join to form super cluster and we live in the local super cluster and there are nearly 100 clusters in there and like such super clusters there are more than 10000000 super clusters in our entire universe.

They are tangled in such a great web like small tiny dots.

And these are all created by one and only creator Allah Almighty now did you know what is Allah Hu Akbar and how big is Allah Almighty this is what Allah says in Quran:

Surah Zumar verse 67

This is the right meaning of Allah Hu Akbar and this is the great sentence that after hearing and understanding it except the most stuck up every body bows before Almighty Allah.

In Quran Allah Almighty has told each and every aspect of life from its day one till its last day it’s up to all of us that how we spend our lives and are we the ones who don’t yet know what Is the meaning of Allah Hu Akbar are we the ones who after knowing it actually are denying it. In Quran Allah Almighty has tells us about the conditions applied on us to be successful in this life and in the life here after.

Would there be any person who would not like to know about how universe came into exsistance? Let’s answer to these questions.

Science says that from today 400 million years ago the whole universe was in some small dot in which there was a lot of heavy force and heat was there and whatever was there was only in that dot nothing else existed.

To be continued…

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