Starting Of Universe

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The dot exploded with such a force that with the millionth part of the second the universe was like a cricket ball than like earth then solar system and then was spread to the size of universe and within 3 seconds its area arose to 10 trillion times and this is defined in Quran:

surah Anbia verse 30:

Then science further states that by the explosion of dot big bang occurred as there was nothing outside the dot as the dot contained a lot of light and force so we can describe it as a star that does not take light from outside but it have his own light. Quran says in

surah Noor verse 25/39

Then science further states that after big bang for 0.4 million years whole universe was full with atomic smoke and the dark energy was busy in separating the particles while gravity wanted to make the particles in galaxies stars and planets this work is defined in Quran as

surah hameem Sajdah verse 11:

Means gravity won over dark energy and earth planets stars and galaxies came into existence. Further science states that with power the big bang exploded and it’s still going on and still today in one sec it’s expanding with the speed of 0.3 million km like a balloon and is expanding everywhere and is continuing to go on.

Quran says surah zariyat verse 47:

Mafhoom: “And with our command we created sky and we are still expanding it today”.

And if we see those truths that without any technology cannot come forth then to reveal such kind of reality can only be the true prophet of Allah Muhammad Peace be upon him and the Quran that is there for complete guidance.

 Hence such truths only revealed by our prophet so being a Muslim we were the one to give all concepts of life.

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