How to make this Ramadan fun and exciting for your kids!


Ramadan is here and with summer in full swing it is going to be a very difficult month! Why do you ask Well, first of all because the weather is very hot and humid. And secondly, the children’s summer vacation. This means that not only will the mother be more engaged during this busy season in Ramadan, but she will also have to keep the children engaged in a variety of activities, which is not an easy task.

So, let’s start with the basics. The first task as a parent is to educate and educate your children about the importance of fasting during the holy month. Children are naturally playful and carefree. Therefore, a strict routine of Ramadan can make fasting boring for them. Therefore, as a parent, it is important that you engage your children in creative but informative things during the long fast.

Wondering how to do it? Well, sit down and talk with your kids and talk about what they want to do throughout the month so they can enjoy Ramadan to the fullest. Be sure to write down the key points and finalize the most useful yet fun activities. We’re sure you’ll be amazed at what interesting tips your kids can come up with.

The key to making this month exciting for your kids is to get them involved at every step. Don’t worry moms, you can make this Ramadan fun for your kids by following a few helpful tips.

Family Matters:

It is very important to make this holy month a family affair. To highlight the importance of Ramadan, the first step is to encourage your children to sit at the table with their families for sehri and iftar. If your children are young and do not fast, have them sit with their families during iftar to teach them how to break their fast. It will also emphasize time and unity during the holy month.

Preparing Sahar and Iftar together:

If you want to make fasting enjoyable for children, make special preparations for the two meals of fasting, namely Sahar and Iftar. Make sure you prepare the dishes that your children like the most. And when preparing a special dish, don’t forget to include whatever they like. If your children are old enough to help, don’t let them waste their time. And ask them to help you with the ingredients. However, if your children are very young, ask them to sit with you in the kitchen when you do all the work. But make it a point to add them as you garnish your favorite dishes. This way they will enjoy decorating and have a good time.

Create a journal:

Another interesting thing is to encourage your children to observe Ramadan in which they can record their daily experiences and feelings regarding fasting.

It will definitely be interesting for your children as they can write their good and bad deeds in it. But as parents, it is important that they encourage good deeds and do not hurt anyone in any way. The daily will help children refresh their memories of fasting when they read it at the end of Ramadan or when they will fast next year.

Welfare element:

The concept of charity needs to be taught to children. So, all parents can do is take an empty pot and ask the children to decorate them with glass paint or stickers. And then encourage them to save some money out of their own pockets and save in this jar for those who are in need and living in worse conditions. He can also collect charity from his family and then give it to the poor.

Iftar party:

Children should be taught that there are great rewards for helping a person break their fast. Have an Iftar party for friends, family and neighbors. It should be well planned in advance so that there is discipline, and things go smoothly according to plan. Let your kids plan the whole thing with your help. Plan a menu with them and let them decorate the whole house.

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