This is what people are searching for on Google as Valentine’s Day approaches.


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As Valentine’s Day approaches, the search for ‘love’ on Google has increased.

Romantic comedy and love song gift ideas that will take everyone into the romantic spirit, a website published an article that was trending in the United States around February 14.

The US states of Virginia, Oregon, Mississippi, Texas and California are feeling extra romantic, as they have been searching for the word ‘love’ the most since 2004.

The website also reveals some of the most searched songs since 2004, which will definitely put you in the mood throughout the day.

1. “Love Story,” Taylor Swift.

2. “Infinite Love,” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

3. “Unveiled Melody,” righteous brother.

4. “Surprised,” Lonstar.

5. “My daughter,” Fitna.

If you want to buy a last minute gift for your loved one who wants to say “I love you”, hopefully this trick will work because it is the most searched gift in the United States this week. There are items.

Flowers, e-cards, teddy bears, rose bears, chocolate-covered strawberries are all things people are looking for on the internet.

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