Latest price of petrol in Pakistan


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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday approved a reduction in petrol prices, Finance Minister Hamad Azhar announced on Twitter.

The government has reduced the price of petrol by Rs 1.79 per liter, after which it will be sold at Rs 108.56 per liter from April 16.

Azhar said that the Prime Minister has also approved reduction in prices of other petroleum products. High Speed ​​Diesel (HSD) will be sold at Rs 110.76 per liter after deduction of Rs 2.32.

Kerosene will be available at Rs 80 per liter after reduction of Rs 2.06 while light diesel oil will be available at Rs 77.65 per liter.

Products Current price New Prices (from 16/04/2021) Increase and decrease
MS (Petrol) 110.35. 108.56. -1.79.
High Speed ​​Diesel (HSD) 113.08. 110.76. -2.36.
Kerosene (SKO) 82.06. 80.00 -2.06.
Light diesel oil. 79.86. 77.65. -2.21.

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