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D.Al-Shad Hussein, who recently died at Istanbul Airport during a trip to the United States, was a violinist who struggled all his life to find his rightful place in the musical community at home. When he was disappointed, he traveled abroad like many of our musicians who were looking for green pastures and found one in the United States. After a very long time, he started touring his country again and died on his way back to the United States.

Western instruments have not been more difficult to adapt to the violin, unlike the key instruments to suit our musical needs, because the strings and bows are not resistant to playing notes with microtunnel knacks. All stringed instruments and bending instruments have become easy to adapt, and the violin has become part of Carnatic music as a complete instrument. In northern India, where most of Indian music evolved, it did not become part of the harmony of sound. It was solo or played as part of an orchestral arrangement.

Even if we assume that it originated in the present Middle East, it has been developed by the great Western composers to the best of their present ability over the last five centuries. It came to the subcontinent in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with colonialism, along with many other Western assets.

It was usually in the orchestra that the violin could be heard and seen. Some of them were based on musical instruments in particular. However, as it turned out, most were not in the subcontinent, there were orchestras and it is still considered a mere voice offering. With that in mind, it became a part of the movie song. The violin acted as a tool in film composition that was not played solo, but improves the sound of the orchestra composition.

Thus it was rare in our society to hear a solo song from a violinist. The best violinists were expected to play film compositions. One saw many times that a violinist wanted to do something he liked, but the public reaction forced him to play a film composition. This is to emphasize that the composer receives very little praise in our music culture because he is a strong advocate of music.

Note that our instrument makers were first recognized by other societies. Didn’t include song text that is always language specific. As such, it was easier to define the sound of music than to interpret the words as most people in our society in general understand. So, many people formed a line for the countries of the more developed parts of the world and they started playing with the audience without any subcontinental origin.

Dilshad Hussain was no exception. He made a name for himself by playing abroad and found more satisfaction and rewards there than here. Therefore, he stuck to his initial decision to stay and work abroad.

However, he struck a balance by engaging in fusion. Many of his compositions – traditional, folk or film – were performed by him in large orchestral form. Using the platform, he gained the freedom to interpret and edit the composition. Thus, he did not completely separate his audience back home, but waited for them to return to the original composition.

In India, there are many violinists who have done it. راگ دری Used on violin and instrument capability as plant tool. VG Jog and Ann Rajam both played the violin and elaborated on it. Melody Increased the level of the instrument in three registers and in the range of classical music like other string or bending instruments. El Subramaniam is also a great violinist who has mastered the violin in many forms and musical systems.

In Pakistan, very good violinists have never had equal opportunities. Many people limited him to playing as part of a movie orchestra. Dilshad Hussain had the potential to become a solo violinist in the country, a dream he managed to fulfill when he started playing with an overseas audience. It is hoped that his son Samar Hussain will continue his steadfastness and perseverance and he will continue the hard work of following in his father’s footsteps. For many years, Samar Hussain played with his wonderful father. Playing without it would be his first real test.

The author is a Lahore-based culture critic.

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