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Homeless I by Zainab Aziz.

IHis poetry, compiled Shah Jo Risalo, Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai commemorates seven women. Influenced by Irfan Gul Dahri, a famous artist and curator. FastingDahri sees seven Lahore-based artists as the queen of his textbook.

The show, titled Sat Sarman, recently opened at the Full Circle Gallery. It offers an overview of the work of seven emerging artists who have painstakingly portrayed.

Symbolic paintings by Iram Akhtar, Fakhra Asif, Qartalin Dar, Sana Saeed, Sherzada Junejo, Zainab Aziz and Zainab Mahmood document their perspectives on society, especially as issues are often cleared under the carpet.

Iram Akhtar’s commanding pictures show how people reach their truth and then hide their feelings from others. She shows that many people live with a false reputation, constantly testing others for their intuitive attitudes and forgetting the dark secrets and desires that they are afraid to reveal to others.

A woman’s body is the focus of a man’s eyes. Every girl and woman is expected to meet the standards of beauty in order to gain respect and acceptance. Fakhra Asif questions the norm through her overs. An iconic artist, Asif paints a human body surrounded by two hands. This person has tattoos on his wrist which the artist also shows in other paintings. She shows off her tattoos as well as pieces of belly buttons, nose and ears. Asif is portraying a courageous and confident woman who bravely breaks through barriers and overcomes obstacles that suppress her identity and voice.

Using a state-of-the-art technique, Carthaginians explore the dynamics of gender in society. One of the realistic oil paintings depicts a woman with an angry lion. The lion, a symbol of the power of animals, is a recurring theme in his past. In a photo titled Venice of Gujranwala, a woman with an authentic looking black wall sits with traditional bright flowers. The woman is seen facing the audience without fear or danger.

The craze for bed sheets, pillowcases, perfumes and memories is what Sana Saeed seeks in her work. She enjoys painting that someone leaves behind. She captures some moments beautifully and her markings in her paintings appear silent and untouched. The soft palette used by Saeed shows the transition between memories and messages. In her painting To Catch the First Glens, two young girls stand in a room facing each other. The sense of pictures is incomplete – it’s like a book with more chapters.

The question of identity is what Sheherzad Junejo highlights in his paintings. Preferring oil, he has made his own signature pictures. Screens have been an important part of this series, yet they look different whenever one looks at them. The figures of the red sheet or the torn sheet actually change the idea of ​​loneliness. The astonishing and ridiculous figures shown to the spectators with their backs to him, holding hands in their chests.

Zainab Aziz’s series revolves around hope, trust and relationships. Through her paintings, she strongly expresses the idea that fraud, dishonesty and mistrust can make one’s life miserable and colorless. Monochromatic images reflect the color in a character’s life due to jealousy and hatred.

Rumors have always intimidated and frightened people. Zainab Mehmood shares the same story with different people who become the target of rumors in the society because they do not follow the traditional social norms.

Mahmoud expressed the concerns of those who have been judged on the basis of rumors. Rumor 1 is open to interpretation but the title suggests that some people misinterpret tattoos and the way they dress.

Irfan Gul Dahri says, “The works on display in this exhibition are the voices of seven artists who are not afraid to decide to take up taboo subjects.”

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