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OhOnce again, the famous Roman Colosseum is in the news. At this time, it is for protection and / or rehabilitation purposes.

It will be put back in the form that it was actually visible to the people sitting in the arena when they saw the gladiators fighting to the death, screaming and screaming. Perhaps some time ago on the floor of the Colosseum, where the operation took place, 20th century tourists were cut or dug to show a maze of tunnels and underground passages where gladiators and animals awaited their deaths. They will suddenly appear when the iron gates open for them to be thrown into the field in the throes of the mob. Wild animals were also taken out of the gates so that they could be made to stand on the bloody expectations of the elite and the common people for a spectacular spectacle.

There are many theories around maintenance and protection. How should one deal with ancient buildings? Similarly, there are many theories about dealing with the past – should it serve the present or be treated as a truth according to its age?

Non-hereditary heritage is also in the grip because it is mostly oral and its transmission leaves ample space for one person, one memory and one generation to pass on from one generation to the next. Some changes are intentional, while others are not. It is in the fitness to state that minor changes are due to a person’s traits, his brain, his memory and his embedded prejudices. Over a period of time, minor changes become larger and wider, which are significantly different, sometimes in stark contrast to where it all began.

It is difficult to say whether the tangled heritage truly reflects the way it was created or the time it represents. In many places of historical monuments, changes have been made, some records have been made which have no record or they are out of date. Therefore, on many of these sites, efforts to restore them to their original shape and size and purpose are of limited value because the original drawings and plans are not available and the references are related to the long journey.

In Lahore, for example, it is documented that Community Hazuri Bagh was actually moved from Jahangir’s shrine and a plaque was placed in the area between Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque. Ranjit Singh was probably responsible for the vandalism. He enjoyed sitting inside. Community When he keeps himself intoxicated. It may be added that the Alamgiri Gate was either included or became important only after the expansion of the Akbar Mosque and the construction of the fort a hundred years later. The main entrance was probably on the other side, a huge gate that is dilapidated on the road that fills the market with tires, codes and iron scraps.

It is also known that the main entrance to the Shalimar Garden was from the river and was spread out on several levels, perhaps seven, and the king or kings sat on the highest level. However, when the British colonial rulers rearranged the Grand Trunk Road, the entrance was moved to a higher level. Now, visitors enter from where the king enjoyed and panicked at the entertainment of the seventh heaven. As we then move on to other levels, of which only three survive, the lowest is the state of neglect and disorder. Only two levels of maintenance are in good condition. The reversal of the order did not bother the powers that be, which have moved farther away from the entrance to the river Shalamar Gardens. There have also been large-scale encroachments. Many adjoining houses use its walls as their boundary wall. Some are made high enough to ignore it.

If one reaches the river from Shalamar Bagh, there is Jahangir’s tomb on the other side. The plan for both monuments is much clearer and more aesthetically understandable than the disconnection that has formed over the city due to the roads, encroachments and population expansion. Its current environment has distorted everything and the legacy seems detached, not planned.

Some mistakes are the result of indifference, lack of understanding, indifference and, above all, lack of resources over the years. The latest, the Orange Line Metro Train Project, has completely closed the view of the Shalimar Gardens and dwarfed it so that it now looks like a typical medieval structure. The damage to the building is another story that will only come to light in time.

Over the centuries, many changes have been made deliberately. Many have been forced by circumstances. It is very difficult to reverse them because it would mean challenging the interests as well as tackling the real problem of displacement and displacement. It can wreak havoc on aspects that politicians are ashamed of. In any case, they do firefighting all the time without a long view.

The Egyptian president recently saluted a parade of 22 pharaoh-era royal mummies at a state ceremony as they were taken from Tahrir Square to the newly built Cairo Museum to celebrate the greatness and longevity of Egyptian civilization. This was seen all over the world because the Egyptians confirmed their long history which is probably against our understanding of us.فیرونزThe center of oppression and ideal oppression may see the president as the current era.Pharaoh‘Using absolute power in the belief that the country needs it.

Of The author is a culture critic. Based on In Lahore

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