Return on Revised National Savings Certificate


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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Finance has approved adjustments in returns on several National Savings Certificates. Daily Dawn Reported on Thursday.

According to the ministry’s notification, changes to the national savings instruments will take effect immediately.

The return on benefits of martyrs’ family welfare and pensioners has been reduced from 11.54% to 11.04% from May 19.

Profit on Welfare Savings Certificate has been reduced from 11.52% to 11.28%, and Profitable Payable on Defense Savings Certificate has been reduced from 9.52% to 7.68%.

In addition, the return on special savings certificates has come down from 9% to 8.8%.

“Return on Post Office Savings Accounts is fixed at 4% for half a year and 8% per annum for each of the first five periods of six months to be completed. The return is set at 4.5. On a semi-annual basis or 9% per annum. “

Return on regular income certificate is fixed at Rs. 50,000 for certificate Rs. 360 and Rs. 100,000 for certificate Rs. 720.

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