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T.The Department of Archeology and Museums has finally taken over the ancestral homes of film stars Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor. Ownership of both houses has also been transferred to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s director of archeology and museums. Earlier, property owners had announced plans to go to court against the rates offered by the government.

It is more than a decade ago that the then provincial government (led by the Awami National Party) took a popular decision to seize two properties and start the process of inheriting them. There were many suggestions for establishing home museums, cultural centers or heritage sites. When this process was started, it was welcomed by most of the people, especially those involved in the promotion of culture in the society who have been careful about culture and cultural expression that goes beyond the limits. Is.

Some people were also happy that the government was finally willing to own its heritage and the great people who were born on earth, be they religious sects or the countries where they finally flourished. And as the two progressed in the Indian film industry, it was most admirable that narrow definitions of nationalism were not allowed to come in the way of praising the contribution made to humanity on a large scale.

It was not easy for the two countries, which had gone through blood feuds and riots and arson tournaments, to accept that the past was considered the past and not a huge shadow that darkened the situation. Ongoing tensions between the two countries are fueling mistrust and resentment, and many people’s relations have never been worse.

After the change of government in the province, the move was put on the back burner where it rested until the current government took the move further and took it to the point where the provincial government’s archeology department acquired the property. Of Enforced by the district administration

It is really unfortunate that the properties, in a way, the government has attached power and expelled the real owners of these properties. It would be much better and in the fitness of things if the whole transaction or transfer was to the satisfaction of both parties.

Sorry, that didn’t happen. Claims and counter-claims have resurfaced in the long-running legal battle between the two sides. From the beginning, it was mired in mistrust and conflict, and this is not good for the future.

We all know that governments have certain rights to acquire property from private owners for the greater good of the people. We all know that government rates for such properties are far below current market levels. People are generally wary of negotiating with the government where such transactions take place as it is feared that they will become losers.

The latest acquisition or transaction only reinforces the impression that the owners believe that what the government is offering in exchange for the property is much lower than the market rate. He has denied any wrongdoing. This gives the impression that the government is implementing its decision because the owners are clearly not satisfied.

The best way for the government to always be flexible is to not flex its administrative muscles and instead settle matters amicably with the satisfaction of the property owners. The whole enterprise is happy and everyone has welcomed it since its inception. However, the approach taken has upset some people. The accusation is mostly leveled at the government for creating the impression that it is capitalizing on local heritage and cultural assets at the expense of its citizens.

It was actually Prithviraj Kapoor who left his native Peshawar and tried his luck in the glittering world of show business in Bombay (now Mumbai). An amateur actor who wanted to make a career out of it, he found limited space in his hometown and decided to move to Bombay. Fearing his father, he resorted to an aunt’s blessing, borrowed money from him, and rode on the Frontier Mail. He was fortunate to start a whole empire of studio owners, actors, directors, screenplay writers and show business entrepreneurs. Their fourth generation still dominates the show business industry.

Dilip Kumar’s father had left Peshawar and settled in Bombay, looking for better opportunities for his fruit business. He must have done a fairly good job educating his sons. Dilip Kumar also joined the film industry. His father did not hear anything about him, and fearing his anger, he hid the truth from his family until he became a star and his posters / banners were seen everywhere on the streets, intersections and roundabouts. Came. It was actually Prithviraj Kapoor’s father Bhubaneswar Kapoor who let Dilip Kumar’s father Lala Liaquat unveil the secret.

The property issue should be resolved amicably and to the satisfaction of the property owners. Otherwise, it would be unfair and could deter many others who may be in possession of potential heritage sites and specimens to declare their personal property a national treasure.

The author is a Lahore-based culture critic.

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