Shaukat Tareen in Post Budget Presser.


Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tareen said on Saturday.

Speaking after the budget, the finance minister said that for the last 74 years, low-income people have been waiting for the truckdown effect, but their condition has not improved and they have not been able to afford housing, businesses, cash and health care. Be deprived of Press conference in Islamabad

He said the government was now directly targeting the poor and facilitating them with various measures to upgrade their living standards, which required 20 years of stable economic growth. ۔

“It was not an easy task,” he said.

The Minister said that through this budget, the government would use a ‘bottom-up approach’ for about six million low-income households.

Under the initiative, each household will be provided an interest-free business loan of Rs. 500,000. Each farming family will be given a loan of Rs. 150,000 for each crop, Rs. 250,000 interest free farming loan and Rs. 200,000 interest free loan to buy tractors and machinery.

He said that low interest housing loans of up to Rs. 2 million would be provided to help people buy houses and besides, health cards would be provided to every household so that they could be provided facility in time of need.

In addition, the minister said, free technical training would be provided to one member of each household to ensure employment so that the family could earn a respectable income.

The Minister said that there was no doubt that the government did not have the space to provide these loans, which could be done through wholesale financial assistance from commercial banks for which the government would guarantee recovery.

The Minister said that the poorest families would be identified through a non-political survey across Pakistan. “We will not play politics with the poor,” he added.

He said another major focus of the government was to boost exports and bring them to 20 per cent of GDP, which is currently 8 per cent, adding that there was an urgent need to increase exports to bring stability to the country. ۔

The Minister said that for the first time, a development-oriented budget was presented which introduced innovation to increase revenue collection, extend incentives for exporters, abolish duty on local industry and bring innovation in the auto industry.

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