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YesDangerous Singing (Songs) got real credentials of music in Pakistan and the best performers were Mehdi Hassan.

Although he became famous and was called by music experts “Mr. Al-Tarj testified“The journey was very difficult for him. It’s easy for a musician born into a family of musicians to Guayaquil Or one بجویا Because music enters the mother tongue in the same way as in the process of growing up. So, be aware. sur There is an inevitable potential, but in a sense it is more difficult because the evolution of the individual style then becomes the real test and standard for the artist.

Like his elders, Mehdi Hassan also had to be one. دھروپادیا Or one خیالیا. However, as he grew older, it became clear that he had a more pleasant intent in the range of his voice and the range of his voice, then called, semi-classical forms. تھمری۔ And دادرا It gained popularity in the late 19th century. Many were turning to them due to increasing patronage from the imperial states.

Of Sports It was considered the most respected form of music. Other forms took a long time to establish themselves in the music industry. Of غزلInitially, the voices of women dancing in salons gradually increased, gaining popularity and fame over the centuries, and then gaining some prestige among musicians belonging to Akhtar Bai Faizabadi and Barkat Ali Khan. KL Siegel, who became famous and famous because of the film. Jet, Was actually the first male superstar of the film soundtrack. He gave a shot in the arm. غزل گائیکی. Prestige gained popularity. In feudal patronage there was really no place where prestige depended on the taste of the patron and not necessarily a large population.

Mehdi Hassan’s ancestors were well-known musicians and are now associated with various courts in Rajasthan. His father Azeem Khan and uncle Ismail Khan were also court singers. He was trained by his father and uncle, but was most influenced by his elder brother, Pandit Ghulam Qadir. However, it had a difficult start. He worked as a tire repairman, then as a motor mechanic and worked on the ground to make a living.

In music forms where lyrics play an important role, the biggest challenge for the singer is to break the boundaries of meaning that grid the words. Importance of sur To dominate and occupy. In the classical forms of the Indian subcontinent, the melody was kept to a minimum and completely subordinated to the tunnel pattern of melodic formation, usually expressed through a particular combination and arrangement. Melody Or a precise mix of two or more. Melody At different temperatures

It must be distinguished from recitation or cantilever, which has been an equally old and respected tradition in various cultures, including our own. Recitation, or cantilever or what is commonly known. TarnumIs just one example of music. It is also considered a virtue. The moment it frees itself from the boundaries of the word and takes on a final form, it should be judged from the point of view of music, rather than looking for a connection between the note and the word.

Over the last seventy strange years, one has seen a steady decline in forms that are based on the purity of the note and deviate from the meaning of the word. Many singers have tried to reach some kind of compromise and have torn the two to pieces in order to survive and create an expression that is relevant to the changing environment of the time or era.

Many people in Pakistan are not satisfied with appreciating art as a craft of religion or some political ideology along with the autonomy of art. This dirty understanding is further strengthened by the introduction of film songs, which are generally considered to advance the narrative or meet the needs of the scene. However, one has noticed that over time, the song has a longer shelf life than the film, and it can be speculated that this song has the potential to increase the immediate causes of its emergence.

Calm advertising. غزل And later Singing The new state of Pakistan also had a cultural need and connections with Persian culture that ensured continuity with the old cultural impressions. They were being hunted down to establish a cultural identity for a new political identity. It may be interesting to note that the artists, trying to establish themselves and find a place in the cultural matrix, were also following the same path by painting verses from famous poets. Abdul Rahman Chughtai is a good example. He dominated the painting of mythological figures and later turned to the imaginary representation of Iqbal’s verses. Sadiqin also tried to do so, albeit not to the extent of Chughtai, who wanted to connect with the art of the book – there should have been an example with text or story on the margins of a small book.

The greatness of Mehdi Hassan was that he did not allow himself to be buried under the great reverence associated with poetry, but emerged using melody or poetry for greater harmony of music. It would be difficult for a lesser singer to achieve this because words would dominate to claim credit. However, he managed to master the poetic content and it is celebrated. Guayaquil Therefore. Of Mehdi Hassan. بارسی It’s June 13th.

The author is a Lahore-based culture critic.

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