Latest price of petrol in Pakistan


In this example, petrol can be seen coming out of the petrol nozzle. – File photo.

The government has approved an increase of Rs 2.13 per liter in petrol and Rs 1.79 per liter in the price of high speed diesel, the finance ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the notification, the price of kerosene is being increased by Rs 1.89 per liter and the price of light diesel by Rs 2.03 per liter.

Petrol prices rose by 2.13 per cent, HSD by 1.79 per cent, kerosene by 1.89 per cent and light diesel by 2.03 per cent.

Product Current rate The new rate is effective June 16.
Petrol 108.56 110.69
High speed diesel 110.76 115.55
Kerosene oil. 80.00 81.89.
Light diesel oil. 77.65. 79.68.

This increase means that petrol will now cost Rs 110.69, HSD Rs 115.55, kerosene Rs 81.89 and light diesel oil Rs 79.68 per liter.

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