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H.Ars has been an important topic throughout history. Many 15,000 to 17,000-year-old paintings in Las Vegas, France, represent mostly animals and depict horses as their main subject. He has been one of the best examples of art since ancient times. Horses were prominent in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art. His anatomy was discovered and studied in detail by famous artists of the time. Later, with the advent of equestrian sports, artists were invited to horse races. It became a movement for romantic and impressionist artists of the 19th century. While some artists revealed the excitement of the race, others focused more on capturing moments before the start of the event. Later, in modern art, Picasso used the same theme, but in a more contemporary way, to Cubism.

The exhibition under review is by Mushkoor Raza. It is hosted by Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore. Raza’s horses are part of the artist’s paintings because of their beauty. Over the years, he has had the same palette. The presentation of its lines and colors speaks for itself. He plays with bold yellows, reds, blues and greens, emphasizing the many shades of white. Drawing attention to the center of the painting, as seen in his previous exhibitions, his canvas shows horses on the polo ground. Running, chasing, crawling in race scenes. Brave dubs in the Cubist style show the complexity and impressive pace of the gallop. Some Highlights of Equestrianism

Its canvas depicts horses on polo fields. Abstractly applied, the bold dubs show the complexity and impressive pace of the gallop. Some Highlights of Equestrianism.

In the current exhibition, there is a shift from the physical representation of horses to pleasure. He is gaining insight into an animal that has gone beyond the beautifully crafted Stallions. He captures the grace and nobility of the soul and pays an interesting visual tribute to the animal, as wonderful today as ever. He sheds light on his unique fellowship with human beings. Soaked in the essence of her beauty is a change to a closer detail. Her happiness is alive. In one of the canvases painted in black and white, the horse lifts almost the entire canvas. Reza uses bold, curved, defined lines that lead to a ‘realistic’ representation of the animal’s anatomy. He miraculously catches the sharp eyes of the horses. Animals look strong and muscular, but on the inside they are soft and emotional creatures. The painting shows Raza’s sensitivity to the natural world and his understanding of the muscular animal, which has an innocent soul. He praises the nobility of this extraordinary animal’s spirit, goodness and strength.

Semi-abstract and abstract shapes of naked women is another topic on canvas. The female body is used as an object to express artistic concerns about technique and structure. The red, dark green, yellow and black bold dubs palette as well as the black defined lines are used in their visual representation.

The exhibition started on June 10 and will continue till June 17.

The author is an artist and educator. In Lahore

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