Djokovic returns to Wimbledon after choking on men’s sports.



It’s been almost two years since Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in a crucial Wimbledon final, but as the tournament prepares to return after last year’s cancellation, the men’s game is in the Serb’s throat.

After this epic five-set victory, in which he saved two match points and won the first fifth set tie-break in the Wimbledon final, Djokovic gave Rafa Nadal two in three of the next six and Dominic Theme one.

For Djokovic, it could have been four if he hadn’t defaulted to the US Open last year – allowing the theme to go in and eventually adding a new name to the Grand Slam winners’ club, which includes Roger Federer, Djokovic and Nadal. Ruled. More than 15 years.

This proved to be a difficult task for Djokovic, and he will arrive at Wimbledon to bid for a sixth title to compete with Federer and Nadal’s men’s Grand Slam record of 20.

If he wins, he will also take three-quarters of the way to complete the first Salem of the men’s calendar year, as Rod Lever won all four in 1969.

Nadal will not play at Wimbledon after deciding to rest, while eight-time champion Federer is signaling that the window for another Slam win at 39 is closing.

Federer, who underwent two-knee surgery last year and has played only four tournaments since the 2020 Australian Open, was not in his usual habit of winning the Halle Grass Court tournament last week, which he won 10 times. Defeats Felix Auger – Knowledgeable time.

It would be foolish to rule out the possibility, but the main threat to Djokovic could come from a young brigade that is slowly approaching the stalemate in men’s tennis.

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Mattis Wlander said, “Is his level enough to compete? Federer’s competition before Wimbledon

Djokovic sometimes looked great in Paris as he won his second French Open title – but there was a downside.

He lost the first two sets in the fourth round against Italian young Lorenzo Muscati, defeating Nadal in a thrilling semifinal, but then lost two sets in the final against Stefanos Setsipas.

This is a problem for those trying to stop Djokovic Juggernaut.

Removing a player mentally and physically from three seats is one of the most difficult challenges in the global game.

“It’s all about endurance, if you can maintain endurance, maintain your level for a long time, then of course you need it at a Grand Slam,” He can remove any French Open hangover.

World number two Daniel Medvedev will be more confident than his race at the French Open, seeing that clay is his least preferred level. His great service and flat ground stroke will give him one shot, while Germany’s Alexander Zverev Djokovic has another with weapons challenging the crown.

The biggest hit could be Italian Matteo Barretini Dark Horse, however, the first player to do so since Boris Becker in 1985 after winning the Queens Club title in his debut last week. Baker won Wimbledon a few weeks later.

And as the crowd prepares to return to the All England Club, home favorite Andy Murray will have the greatest joy.

The two-time champion is struggling to get back to her best place in 2019 after hip resurfacing surgery – but few people know their way around the grass court.

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