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“The city is silent. The night boils with eleven stars.

Oh starry night! Such

I want to die. “

– Night of the Stars., Ann Sexton.

T.Eto Lacey, a well-known Italian painter of historical subjects, once said: “Poetry and paintings are so similar that they present ‘absent things’ in their own way of imitating reality.

The University of Sargodha recently organized a spectacular exhibition of 50 contemporary works of art at the Institute of Art and Design, following a number of amazing sessions and discussions on art, literature and society to promote critical thinking among students.

During the incredible exhibition, people were practically invited to cultivate their creative curiosity and introduce themselves to contemporary works of art created by Ahmed Bilal, Nirmal Bano, RM Naeem, Shahnawaz Zaidi, Israr Hussain Chishti and others. Challenge with intelligence. In fifty pieces of art, guests find an interesting variety of artistic media, including fiberglass sculpture, photography, painting and wooden sculpture.

Dull colors, pain and sadness were the elements that the artists chose not to show in their work. He presented a brief study of nature with new techniques and ideas. Imaginary work expressed opposing characteristics such as organic and synthetic, masculine and feminine, internal positives and negatives.

Works by Ahmed Bilal, Nirmal Bano, RM Naeem, Shahnawaz Zaidi and Israr Hussain Chishti captivate the audience..

The obscure nature of the artwork invites viewers to leave their comfort zone. The fragrance of culture and traditional art style was the essence of the show with the modern style of each individual artist.

Along with this exhibition, there was also a solo show by Israr Farooqi, who learned creative painting under the guidance of Mansoor Rahi.

The display of scenes with different color palettes was soothing to the eyes. A notable fact about the overall display was that each artist presented the theme in their own individual way. This made it easier for the audience to recognize the skills of giving one strong statement after another. Participants were encouraged to be part of such events.

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