Hamad Azhar announced restoration of normal gas supply to all sectors.


Energy Minister Hamad Azhar file photo.

ISLAMABAD: Energy Minister Hamad Azhar on Monday announced that the government was restoring gas supply to all sectors after a negative impact on energy and businesses across the country.

The minister said on Twitter that normal gas supply and pressure was being restored in all sectors. He added that the forced load shedding was over on Friday.

Last week, the minister announced that the Conner Pasky Deep (KPD) gas field had resumed supply to the Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) network after completing its annual business.

The energy minister also tweeted about the start of dry docking of Engro’s LNG terminal, which he said would be completed by Monday.

Azhar added that Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) gas diversions would take place mostly during this time.

The country’s gas crisis has hit the industry and the CNG sector hard with the closure of the KPD gas field and the dry docking of the LNG terminal, with the business community blaming government mismanagement for the decline. Is giving

According to a report, SSGC faced a shortfall of 160mmcfd gas in its system due to which CNG stations were closed for about two weeks.

However, after a long shutdown, the gas stations resumed operations today.

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