The latest developments in Covid 19 epidemic diseases from around the world


Paris: The latest developments in the Corona virus crisis are:

– England full relaxation plan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says all legal requirements for wearing face masks and social distance are likely to end in England on July 19.

– Record Africa Cases –

Africa has experienced a record number of corona virus cases in the past week, with more than 36,000 new infections being registered daily, according to official figures from AFP.

Bangladesh Lockdown

Bangladesh has extended a severe nationwide lockdown, keeping people confined to their homes for another week as both corona virus cases and deaths have set new records.

– French fourth wave? –

A government spokesman says the highly contagious delta of the French virus could see a new increase in coward cases by the end of July due to the different outbreaks.

Norway postponed the relaxation

Norway says it is postponing anti-corona virus action as soon as possible “until the end of July, the beginning of August”, fearing a possible fourth wave of cases brought by Delta Variant.

– Vaccine less effective? –

Rising cases of the corona virus in Israel, where most residents are vaccinated with Pfizer / Biotech vaccines, offer “early signals” while the job may be less effective in preventing mild disease from a variety of deltas. Is.

– Luxembourg PM –

His government says Luxembourg’s prime minister, Xavier Beatle, is in a “serious but stable” condition with Cove 19 and will remain in hospital for another two to four days.

– Spring box in isolation

Rugby World Cup winners South Africa went into isolation for the second time in so many weeks after a positive test for the corona virus in Lock du Jigger.

Russian filmmaker dies

Russian Oscar-winning film director Vladimir Menshev has died at the age of 81 after testing positive for the corona virus.

– About 4 million dead

The epidemic has killed at least 3,980,935 people since the virus first appeared in December 2019, according to AFP data released on Monday at 1000 GMT. Is.

The United States is the most affected country with 605,526 deaths, followed by Brazil with 524,417, India with 402,728, Mexico with 233,622 and Peru with 193,230.

These figures are based on reports from health officials in each country, but do not take into account the above revisions made by later statistical agencies.

The World Health Organization says three times as many people have died directly or indirectly from infectious diseases, according to official figures.

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