Belgium vows to improve Rio Games silver



Some things were even more troubling for Belgian hockey player Arthur van Doren.

What an attempt was made to reassure Van Doren when his team had to settle for a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, only to have his blood boil.

But the 26-year-old defender, who has twice been named Hockey Player of the Year, reluctantly admitted that there could be a way to tell the truth.

He and his team-mate have returned from a disappointing 4-2 defeat to Argentina in a gold medal match to win the World Cup two years later and will start the 12-team Tokyo Olympics tournament as favorites.

“I find this annoying but there is a little bit of reality in it. Losing makes you feel a little more hungry, it forces you to train and work a little harder and I think we got some experience from this match. Is.

“It was a difficult moment, because you clearly want to win, but a great lesson for the future.”

Since Rio, Belgium has strengthened by participating in the World Cup in India, then the first European title in 2019 and this year’s Pro League, a round robin competition involving the world’s top nine hockey playing nations.

Red lions

The silver medal at the Rio Games has been an inspiration to move towards better things.

“It’s clearly a great memory, but we also used it as fuel for tournaments, for example the World Cup and the European,” said Van Doren.

Belgium’s red lines are reaping the benefits of an ambitious talent recognition program launched more than a decade ago that has made the small country one of the best in the world.

“It doesn’t often happen that one generation produces the best five or six hockey players. Probably every generation has one or two but not four, five or six (which) have become the backbone of the Red Lions at the moment. ۔

Olympic gold will be the top cherry.

“You have to be realistic, maybe four to five good gold contenders, so in hockey these days, if you’re not 100%, you’ll lose to a lot of teams,” he added.

“It’s going to be an exciting tournament; with the virus, the protocol, the heat. We will focus on our actions and the things we think we need to succeed.

“Great if we succeed …

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