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F.Internally, the gloves are closed. Admittedly, the narration of the soft image was just a mess or cover-up. The world has said it before, or felt it. This confession only raised the slogans of harmony that the world has made about our country.

In other words, we were trying to fool the world, mislead them and hide our true intentions. The world called some elements of our society terrorists, but it was never accepted. Our position was that the people of the whole country or the country were peaceful and peaceful, whose extremity was only towards extremism. And it would not be wrong for Fringe to use terrorism or violence to bring it to an end.

This phrase came in the era of Musharraf in currency. The purpose was to show the world that our original intention was not what it seemed. After that, every leader and policy maker wisely reiterated why they are not painting a real picture of a soft image, instead of looking at the whole world with their own eyes.

Many people think that this enlightenment was not moderation. This was another attempt to align the West with their methods and ideologies. We should not follow them because it is only a sign of inferiority. So speaking in a foreign language, especially in English, wearing foreign clothes, suits, ties and jackets. If we are free from all of these, we will be true to ourselves and therefore refrain from the facility of inferiority by strengthening our inner principles and ideologies.

In the days of Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz, it was said that a soft image of Pakistan could be promoted by holding fashion shows all over the world as well as within the country. Embassies and high commissions have hosted these cheek exercises abroad. Even the Presidency and the Prime Minister’s House were not spared from this spectacle as the exhibition of Pakistani culture entertained foreign dignitaries.

It should always be remembered that culture is not just entertainment, although it has a lot of entertainment value. Culture is our way of life and its extraordinary reflection finds itself in the arts. Entertainment is just a by-product of the pursuit of an activity that is creative and involves the importance of human expression. If it weren’t for that, the culture could be imported and exhibited. This is what is being done in some Gulf countries where museums, art galleries, music and dance programs are organized and invitations are given for performances. However, locals rarely have a forum to express their views. A living society is not just about entertainment – its culture, music or dance theater or film is an expression of the worries, anxieties and satisfaction involved. It’s not about paying and sitting on the sidelines, while others are taking part.

It is said that the best advertisement is the product itself and the proof of the pudding is in its food. Similarly, the image of a country cannot be different from that of a society and a country. That’s all the media and agencies can shine.

We must be who we are and who we are. The question keeps asking. Those who wish for ideological change rely on the pure return of ancient principles of the past. Bringing back the originality of ideas and values ​​also requires the revival of the institutions and structures that existed at the time. If it is impossible to go back years and centuries, then the next best thing might be to ignite the same spirit.

How can it be? Only the originality of thought and the freedom to guarantee it can bring it to light. This freedom of speech and thought is the greatest victim of the self-confidence that this nation has about its past and its character. Controversial and authoritative textbooks these days are a reminder of the lack of tolerance and acceptance.

Some states are bound or limited by their past and ideological parameters that they wish to follow. There has never been a meta-story and there never should be one because it lacks all the political construction. Therefore, freedom of debate and inquiry is the only option available to us. Insistence of intolerance and artificial uniformity in nation building can be the real source of destruction and the worst form of censorship ever imposed.

A selective understanding of the past and the present and reading will take us away from who we are. It’s not just a matter of speaking English and wearing a Western suit. However, we cannot ignore the naked dress of the founding father and at the same time keep the ideology of an open, tolerant and inquisitive Pakistan.

The author is a Lahore-based culture critic

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