In the Tokyo Road Race, Karpaz left Pogakar behind



Ecuador’s Richard Carapaz won the Olympic gold medal in the men’s cycling road race on Saturday, completing the strategy and final descent after a 234-kilometer mountain course worthy of the Grand Tour.

It was only Ecuador’s second gold at the Olympics after Jefferson Perez in the 50km race at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Bidding to become the first cyclist to win a road race the same year as the Tour de France, Slovenia’s Tadej Pogacar competed for a bronze in a photo-financing with Belgium’s silver medalist Vaut van Arte.

“It’s an incredible moment for me,” said Karpaz, 28.

“You always have to believe. I’ve worked hard to get here and it’s a great moment for me.

“All I can say is thank you for supporting them (the people of Ecuador) and, honestly, for putting so much emphasis on us.”

Van Ert said his silver was “beautiful”, but acknowledged that the Pello on N Carapaz had performed better.

“We already knew it was going to be difficult,” he said. “Karapaz went very well. We knew he would be very, very strong and he deserved that win.”

The star-studded platoon emerges from Tokyo’s Mosinonomori Park with an unusual sight – for delayed games related to the epidemic – thousands of locals lined the streets, with masks and several umbrellas when the initial stage The temperature rose to 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit).

The entire route accumulated an astonishing 4,865 meters – more in demand than the major mountain stages of the 2021 Tour de France, with Carpaz finishing third.

Without spectators at Friday’s opening ceremony at the 68,000-capacity Olympic Stadium, it was welcome to see people lining up around Mount Fuji.

As the platoon competed with Tokyo’s massive equipment, lush forests replacing the concrete jungle, the locals waved, cheering and sniffing the image as if it were Non-coronavirus times are a grand tour stage.

Britain’s Gerant Thomas, the 2018 Tour de France champion who miraculously returned to the saddle in this year’s edition and maintained a dislocated shoulder before finishing the race, suffered an early accident on Saturday and eventually Came back.

Nick Delmini, who became the first black South African to run in the Tour de France this month, led a large group of five riders over the Kagosaka Pass and then into a long stretch before the military climbed Sanroco. Drowned

The riders hit speeds of up to 85km / h (53 mph), with the second of three major climbs coming down.

Shining through the platoon of the Military International Speedway Racing Circuit for the first time, there was finally a 40 km race on the breakway.

He started the Cat and Mouse game on the Mikuni Pass and above it, with a 10km long average of 10.6%, with parts of which exceed 20% of the convicts.

The pilot exploded rapidly at the start of the ascent, before Pogacar of Belgium and Slovenia accelerated it.

This was the first of many additions before the winner of the former Ecuadorian Giro Datalia finally gave up bolting Carapaz and Brandon McConnell before leaving the 6km race.

Van Ert, the 19th-ranked one-dayer in the Tour de France, went on the chase, but the team could not stop Carlos from riding the Ennis, who slapped his handle bars in the victory when he hit 6:05 p.m. 26 Sexy crossed in military to win brilliant solo. Circuit

Defending champions Belgium’s Greg Vaughan and Matt were one of 45 riders from the 130-pilot pilot who failed to finish the treacherous race.

But 41-year-old Spaniard Alejandro Vellarde, who appeared in his fifth Olympics, returned home in 42nd position, more than 10 minutes away from Corapaz.

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