Pushkin signed a new PSG contract



Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino on Friday signed a one-year extension to his 2023 contract with the French giants, despite not starting his term.

Argentina took over from Thomas Tuchel, who was sacked in January, but PSG were made champions by Lilly and knocked out in the Champions League semi-finals.

His European campaign ended with Manchester City, but PSG saw Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the last four.

PSG won the French Cup with a 2-0 victory over Monaco.

“I am very happy for myself and my staff,” said Pushitino, a former PSG captain who is on the verge of stepping down.

“It is very important for us to feel the confidence of the club and we will do our best to make the supporters proud of Paris Saint-Germain.

“That’s why we will strive and work together to reach our goals. Twenty years ago I was the captain of this club and today I am the coach. It is a dream come true.”

PSG are active in the transfer market this summer with Liverpool midfielder Giorgione Vijnaldum, Real Madrid veteran defender Sergio Ramos and goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma arriving from EC Milan to help him win the Euro 2020 title. ۔

Pochettino’s next challenge is to persuade star striker Killian Mbappe to sign a deal to become world champion as his term expires in a year.

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