Repair of Versatile car will cost 8 1.8m: Horner



Red Bull owner Christian Horner said Friday that his team had a total of 1. 1.3 million (1. 1.8 million) to repair damage to Max Verstappen’s car following a controversial collision with Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix. The bill has been dropped.

Worstapen and seven-time world champion Hamilton competed in the opening lap of the race in Silverstone last weekend.

The Dutchman was forced to retire and underwent a six-hour hospital check, while Hamilton won to restore his hopes of honor.

Horner wrote in a column on the team’s official website, “This accident has cost us about 8 1.8 million and the budget for such an accident is heavily raided in the cap era.”

Horner also criticized Hamilton for his performances at the podium, a display that had already been blown up as “disrespectful and irresponsible” by Versatapen.

Although Hamilton was fined 10 seconds, his victory limited Verstapen’s lead in the championship from 33 points to just eight.

Horner added: “I’m still disappointed with the level of celebration that followed the accident.

“The Mercedes team was well aware of the magnitude of the accident, and was informed of the need for more hospitalizations and further investigations.

“It is unthinkable to inform your driver of the situation, especially if they do not show the necessary restraint in persuading their driver, especially when he was punished as a result of the incident.”

Horner continued to criticize Hamilton for his role in the first lap crash.

He wrote, “The fact that Hamilton completed his match in a car that is now competitive, and I agree that both drivers need to respect each other, but Hamilton on Sunday I liked it. “

“I also noticed that the story that Max has been ‘extremely aggressive’ was unwarranted. All you have to do is look at the fact that Max’s license has zero penalty points and any track misunderstandings in recent years. Has not committed

Hamilton and Verstappen will renew their feud at the Hungarian Grand Prix next weekend.

Horner added: “I spoke to Max on Monday morning and he felt like he had done a few rounds with (heavyweight boxer) Tyson Rosh.

“He was found to be tough and pressured but he was feeling lucky and grateful to the medical team, as we are all, and in a real Max style he was already waiting for Hungary to get it out of his mind.”

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