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“I’m determined to win, whether I’m lifting weights at the Olympics or in an empty room during the quarantine, I know I need to be perfect. I do it practically in every way possible. But I see, I’m not taking any pressure, “Talha Talib said of leaving for Tokyo on the evening of July 21.

The date he is taking is older than his age. He is the first weightlifter from Pakistan to make deductions for the Olympics since 1976. That’s 44 years, and 45 years should add to the delay in hosting the 2020 Games because of the Code 19 epidemic, and Talha is not ashamed of the responsibility.

“I am leaving my family, but my father, my friends and family are with me everywhere, in my thoughts and it strengthens me. I know that if I had not worked hard for them, I would have reached the Olympics. Couldn’t get it, “Talha told the Express Tribune. “I have trained hard and now I will compete in sports. I am sure I can win a medal. My snatch has improved to 148 and then clean and jerk to 168 kg, but I “I know I can add to the sport. I’m feeling good about my chances.”

Talha has been stunned throughout her journey to the Olympics as the young man faced a number of obstacles that would break a normal spirit.

He was eliminated from the Asian Junior Championships in Korea for the first time. The weightlifting event of the South Asian Games was then separated from the Olympic qualifying event. And finally, Talha lost international competitions due to lack of resources.

He won gold medals at the 304kg overall 2020 International Solidarity Weightlifting Championships, and this was his last international event before he died of an epidemic.

The Pakistan Olympic Association announced in June that the Commonwealth Games bronze medalist country would be represented at an invitation, often given to athletes who have excelled in their respective categories. Deserve a chance

Accepting NOC Pakistan’s request, the International Olympic Committee confirmed that the Tripartite Olympic Commission, in partnership with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), had finalized the invitation and The student has won an invitation in weightlifting at 67 kg. Tokyo 2020, “announced a press release.

Overcoming difficulties

The training that Talha Talha gave in her hometown of Gujranwala was nothing short of a lack of love and miracles. He was training around a local school where he and his friends and family set up a make-up shift gym. He said he spends at least six hours every day training without any rest.

The result of his training was evident with his return to the international stage in April, when he also won a bronze medal in the 148kg best snatch at the Asian Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Talha, even after winning the medal, felt that she should have won the championship with more confidence. He returned home but was also informed by the local school that he needed to vacate the premises after July, as the school was suffering financially and was struggling vigorously.

Talha is also preparing for the Olympics without standard equipment, but she is not giving up her dream of an Olympic medal. Even if it meant he had to leave his mother a little upset.

“Of course my family understands this, they motivate me too. My mother was a little upset because she was remembering me on Eid, but it’s a sacrifice we can make, because it’s a shared dream. I trained at home, because my father also coached me. The drastic change in my trip to Islamabad must have disturbed my routine, so I chose to train here. I took up this challenge without any pressure. But be prepared to move forward with some responsibility, ”Talha added, adding that the Punjab government has promised to provide better training facilities for them after their return from Tokyo.

Talha was a believer. He trained according to his prayers, waking up for the night prayers (tahajjud), led the prayers and then trained till the morning prayers (fajr).

He revealed that his intentions are to make the country proud and to break the bad lines for Pakistan in the Olympics, as the country has not won any metal since the 1992 Barcelona Games.

Talha saw stiff competition from Chinese weightlifters at the Asian Championships, but she also considers four-time world champion Chen Legen her hero.

“I’m watching Lejan and he seems to be a very impressive player for me. He’s definitely one of my heroes. He’s also very good at social media, hinting at being a complete champion. I really I respect him and I feel very good competing with him, “said Talha when he enters the Olympics.

Talha’s event will take place on July 25 in Group A of the 67kg event.

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