The Collies won the first gold medal at the Tokyo Games in the United States



An emotional chase college claimed to have won its first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in the United States with a victory in the men’s 400-meter individual medley on Sunday, in the process killing its monsters from the 2016 Rio Games.

Led by Kallis, she is 300 meters behind in four minutes 9.42 seconds at home, ahead of compatriot Jay Learland (4: 10.28) and Australian Brendon Smith (4: 10.38).

He said Jeet was disappointed to finish the runner-up in Rio, when he realized that his silver had tarnished the legacy of great Americans like Michael Phelps at the event.

“I really feel like I beat the United States in 2016, even though I swam much faster than here – it was the story of my redemption, certainly not the easy way out,” he said.

“It was tough last year when the Olympics were pulled from under us and there was so much uncertainty around whether it was going to happen or not – it was five years of one-moment preparation.”

Kallis’ gold was first in six American medals on the first day of the final in the gold pool, his teammates claimed two silver and three bronze, and the first was won by the Americans at the Tokyo Games.

“It’s really great. I hope I can encourage the rest of my teammates,” he said.

“We have a great team here and I think we are ready for more kick-ass performances … that’s what happened at the Olympics.”

France’s Leon Marchand left at the speed of cracking and came first after the butterfly’s leg, but Kallis was always in touch and after a strong backstroke, the breaststroke took charge.

It turned into a mad struggle due to minor storms with the improvement of Lerland’s Smith.

Kaleis said the race went through him perfectly.

“It was a special kind of pain, which definitely hurts,” he said. “I am determined that I will do my best to hurt him and I will do my best to achieve that goal.”

Twenty-seven-year-old Kallis has raised the possibility of retirement after finally fulfilling her childhood dream.

“This is the last thing I really wanted to accomplish in my swimming career,” he said.

“As long as I remember it was my dream. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it.”

Kallis won the silver medal behind Kosuke Hagino in Rio in 2016, but the Japanese withdrew from the event on home soil to focus on the 200-meter medal.

Rio bronze medalist and world champion Daya Seto failed to qualify for the final.

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