Wonder Truck gives gold to Japan’s Yoto for its Pokemon



Japan’s Yoto Horium said he would hang a gold medal on his Pokemon-filled toy after unveiling a surprise move to become the first Olympic skateboarding champion on Sunday.

Harigom was trailing in the final after two poor runs, but he thwarted the monster’s moves, including the Nolly Backside 270 reel slide he had never performed before in the competition.

The Tokyo native scored 9.50 in the move, the highest score for any move in the final, as he beat Brazil’s Calvin Hoffer and United States’ Jagger Eaton, while American star Neja Houston finished seventh. Stay

“It was new to any competition. I started doing this trick before the final, it’s something I’ve never tried in a final,” said the Tokyo resident.

“I was very nervous but I was very happy with it.”

The 22-year-old once again had a score of more than 9.0 in the World Championship final in June when he denied Houston a fourth straight title.

The skaters each have two 45-second runs and five shots in the same truck. Out of these seven, their best four scores make their final total.

Harigom, who grew up near the Olympic venue but now lives in the United States, said he would lay the medal on his Pokemon toy, along with others.

“First of all, I want to show it to my friends and family who supported me,” he said.

“After that I will keep it in my house. I will have other medals on my Pokemon so maybe I will keep them.”

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