Thames wins pool duel as Dreisel catches Olympic gold rush



Australia’s Irene Tatmis won a thrilling 400-meter freestyle duel with American great Katie Lidkey at the Olympic Pool on Monday when Caleb Dreisel made her bid for seven golds.

Another impressive 100-meter breaststroke was witnessed at the Tokyo Aquatics Center by world record holder Adam Patty, who defended his title to give Britain its first gold medal in the Games.

Elsewhere, on the third day of the operation in Tokyo, Norwegian Christian Bloomminfelt won the men’s triathlon in a race with a strange start.

Ladki came to Japan after winning four gold and one silver medal in Rio in 2016, but Titus is battling with his heels and is at the top of the time sheets this season, removing him from the post of World Champion in 2019. ۔

After an emotional contest, Tatems won the final 50 meters in 3 minutes 56.69 seconds. Only Ladki, who holds the world record, has ever done faster.

“His victory was fought by his coach, who tore his mask and gestured,” the Australian said.

“I’m really proud of him for putting someone behind him in the amazing second half of this race.”

The United States team, led by Dresel, climbed to the men’s 4x100m relay gold medal in the third fastest time to close the morning session.

After Dresel’s departure, Zack Apple brought him home, ahead of Italy and Australia, making sure to touch the sharp legs of Black Perioni and Bowen Baker at 3: 08.97.

That could be the start of a seven-title winning streak for the 24-year-old Dresel, whose 13 world titles point to an inevitable comparison with Phelps – winning eight gold medals in 2008 and a total of 23.

Non-stop, Petty increased her dominance in the 100m breaststroke event and overtook Dutchman Arno Camanga in 57.37 seconds, while Canada’s Maggie McNeil knocked out Sarah Jostrum to win the women’s 100m butterfly.

Earlier on Monday, Norway’s Bloom Manfelt had won the men’s triathlon after a freestyle start.

The 27-year-old crossed the line in 1 week 45 minutes 04 seconds before putting the winning line tape over his head and then throwing himself on the ground to celebrate.

But the important thing after the race was the beginning of chaos, which saw that about two-thirds of the 56 opponents drowned and returned to the swimming leg.

The complex start began with the filming of the media boat lining up rivals for a 1.5km long swimming leg before drowning.

Elsewhere on the third day, Olympic judo champion Shohi Ono is expected to fight “life or death” at the spiritual home of the sport, Nippon Badukan.

“The Olympics are not a place to enjoy,” he told the broadcaster NHK. “To me, it’s a battlefield of life or death.”

After a year of delays and fans banning the Corona virus epidemic to make the Games extraordinarily strong, Japan got off to a strong start with five gold medals in the first two days.

China topped the opening medal table on Monday with six gold medals, followed by the United States and Japan with five diamonds.

As the Skateboarding Olympics continue, Women’s Street World Champion Avery Nishimura hopes to follow in the footsteps of Japan’s teammate Yuto Harigom, who won the men’s event on Sunday.

Domestic favorite Naomi Osaka accelerated her quest for Olympic tennis gold, winning the third round 6-3, 6-2 against Victoria Golobek of Switzerland.

In the men’s event, Serbia’s world number one Novak Djokovic faces Germany’s John-Leonard Stroff as he pursued his bid for the first Olympic title.

The 2008 bronze medalist has won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon this year, giving him one shot at the Golden Slam – the same season he won all four major and Olympic titles.

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