Departed as the last of Lamela Spurs’ ‘Stunning Seven’



Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that Eric Lamela joined Sevilla on Monday following the sale of Garrett Bale to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 for 85 85 million (7 117.44 million). The last signature of the “wonderful seven” has been omitted. Club.

What became of the seven signed in 2013?

(* Appearance and goals for the Premier League only)

Vlad Cheriches (27 exhibitions, 1 goal – 2013-15)

Spurs paid .5 8.5 million to secure their services from Stova Bucharest, but struggled in England when one of Europe’s most famous young defenders was spotted.

He left for Napoli in 2015 and stayed in Serie A with Sassuolo.

Roberto Soldodo (52 exhibitions, 7 goals – 2013-15)

The Spurs hoped that the goal-scoring would be annulled and that the left-handed Celdado, who had netted 24 times in La Liga in the previous campaign for Valencia, would be filled. But that never happened.

Villa joined Real in 2015 and is currently with La Liga fans.

Palinho (45 exhibitions, 6 goals – 2013-15)

The second, which lasted only two years, sent the box-to-box midfielder to China after winning the league and cup doubles, before enjoying the Indian summer in Barcelona in 2017-18.

Al-Ahly is currently in Saudi Arabia.

Etienne Capo (24 appearances, 1 goal – 2013-15)

Spurs never managed to establish itself, but began a fantastic career with Watford in England.

He joined Valerie in January, with whom he won the Europa League last season.

Nasir Chadli (88 appearances, 15 goals – 2013-16)

He stayed with most of his new teammates for a year, reaching double figures for league goals in 2014-15, but lost his place and left for West Bromwich Albion in 2016.

Belgium came on as a substitute for Italy’s Euro 2020 quarter-final defeat, but had to be replaced just four minutes later due to injury.

Christian Eriksen (226 exhibitions, 51 goals – 2013-20)

Stand-out, Ericsson has always been present in London during his six-and-a-half years, which helped the Spurs reach the 2019 Champions League final.

Joined Inter Milan in January 2020, winning Serie A last season.

Dean had previously suffered a heart attack during his country’s Euro 2020 opening game against Finland and it is not known when he will return.

Eric Lamela (177 appearances, 17 goals – 2013-21)

The last Domino to fall, Lamela’s time at the club was affected by injuries and a contradictory form that led him to sign AS Roma for کے 30m, according to club records.

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