Haseeb, Bismillah is winning swimming medals for Pakistan in Tokyo



Haseeb shared his experience of enjoying the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, saying, “As enchanting as it may seem, we didn’t get as much as we were queuing to walk.” Express Tribune, When he lived his childhood dream that he had nurtured for 8 years. “It simply came to our notice then. But we all got inside to march first, but it was a great experience.

Pakistan has sent 19 swimmers in the history of the Olympics since the 1948 Summer Games in London. The Tokyo Olympics include the addition of Syed Muhammad Haseeb Tariq and Bismillah Khan.

The opening ceremony for Pakistan at the Olympics was part of some of the contingents for a walk in the parade.

Going back to the history of the Olympics, the sport of swimming happened easily because they represented the highest number of swimmers in the 1948 Games, out of the four that made up the history of water sports for the then newly formed country. Haseeb and Bismillah at the 2020 Olympics, the road is long.

Haseeb and Bismillah will represent the country at the global invitation by the International Swimming Body FINA. Through this invitation, a country can send the top two athletes, one male and one female, to individual competitions based on the FINA points system of June 28, 2021.

For Haseeb, his goal is to improve on his personal limit of 53.34 seconds, which is also the national record in the men’s 100m freestyle event.

The 25-year-old is confident he will do his best in Tokyo.

“The Olympics are the most eventful event to participate in and I am happy to be a part of it. I am grateful to them for that,” Haseeb told the Express Tribune. “I have had this dream ever since I saw the Athens Olympics. I’ve been swimming since I was six, but when I saw the Athens Olympics, it became a dream come true.

To reach his dream, Haseeb took swimming seriously and at the age of 15 trained in competitive events. It’s been 10 years since they’ve tried to make sure they succeed in sports.

“I started preparing and training for the competition 10 years ago and achieved that goal. “It was 2013 when I competed properly,” said Haseeb, who set a national record for the 100m freestyle event at the 2019 World Championships in Korea. He also proved his mettle at the national level as he excelled in the men’s 50m freestyle (which he won at the 2016 South Asian Games) and the 200m freestyle (created at the 2019 National Games). What was your name Haseeb also holds four more individual national records, including three in the breaststroke (50m, 100m and 200m) and one in the butterfly 50m.

For aspiring athletes in Pakistan, swimming is also not the most accessible sport as there is a lack of ponds and facilities that can be of standard and international standard.

The 25-year-old is familiar with conditions that are not met for swimming, however, he is based in Canada, where he also graduated from York University, and is an active member of the North York Aquatic Club as well. Is a player. Swimmer for her university.

“Pakistan lacks facilities. They don’t even have swimming blocks or qualified coaches to start with. We are far behind the international standard of swimming and society. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, local swimmers come from a background that is primarily swimming in natural reservoirs.

Haseeb’s heroes include Michael Phelps, but he emphasized American swimmer Caleb Dreissel, who has been world champion in 2017 and again in 2019.

Michael Phelps is the favorite of all time, he is the hero of all. But my current favorite is Caleb Dresel. I really look up to him because he has been invincible and especially the way he steps into big events is of the utmost importance at this moment, “Haseeb said when he and Bismillah, another Pakistani swimmer, is training in the Olympic Village in Tokyo

Bismillah, on the other hand, belongs to a family of swimmers, with her older sister Kiran being one of the country’s most famous athletes.

Bismillah represents WAPDA in domestic competitions, while she holds her personal and national title in the 50m freestyle, where she clocked 27.90 seconds at the 2018 National Women’s Championships. He represented the country in the World Championships in 2019 and won in 28.05 seconds.

Nationally, she holds four more records, including the 50m and 100m breaststroke records, as well as the 50m and 100m butterfly records.

Haseeb’s most important event of her life will be in the men’s 100m on July 27, where she will compete against the world’s top athletes, including her favorite Dresel, while Bismillah will take part in the event on July 30.

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