As the virus spread, the Sydney lockdown was extended to four weeks


SYDNEY: Millions of Sydney residents will spend another month in lockdown, officials announced on Wednesday, citing the still-growing corona virus outbreak and low vaccination rates.

Australia’s largest city was due to have an exit lockdown on July 30 after five weeks, but restrictions will remain in place until August 28 as the number of cases continues to rise.

“I personally appreciate what we are asking people to do for the next four weeks but because we want to keep our community safe and make sure we do it as soon as possible. Bounce, “said New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berjiklin. .

Officials announced 177 new cases related to the Sydney outbreak, which began in mid-June when the driver of an international flight crew contracted the virus.

People living in hotspots are urged not to leave their neighborhoods, but those living alone will be allowed to form a “singles bubble” with another person.

Berjiklian said police would step up compliance efforts, while also asking SydneySiders to report others breaking the rules.

“We really need people to do the right thing at all times. Don’t let your bodyguard be disappointed,” he said.

The announcement came as Melbourne reached the end of its fifth virus lockdown, after beating a different part of the Delta for the second time in recent months with “determination and hard work”, according to Dick Andrews.

They were among the nearly 800,000 people in the states of Victoria and South Australia who were evacuated overnight after a highly contagious local epidemic broke out.

Australia was hailed for its first epidemic success, when it chanted slogans to close its international borders and cowardly.

But with a largely unorganized population, the Delta has struggled to respond differently, sending cities into repeated lockdowns.

About 13 per cent of Australians have been vaccinated against polio, despite the low supply and suspicion of Pfizer biotech shots.

More than 33,000 infections and 921 coed-related deaths were recorded in the country’s 25 million population.

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