Byles’s Olympic fortunes remain in balance as support enters



Simon Byles was backing her Olympic future on Wednesday as athletes and public figures stepped up their support after the women’s team decided to withdraw from the gymnastics event due to mental health concerns.

The American icon Biles, widely regarded as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time and one of the biggest stars of the Tokyo Games, surprised the sports world on Tuesday by saying that the team’s sudden opening after the opening vault Exited the final.

The 24-year-old Olympic champion later revealed that he had left the competition due to mental health concerns.

“I have to take care of my mental health,” Byles said. “I didn’t want to go out and do something stupid and hurt … at the end of the day we don’t want to get on a stretcher.”

Byles’ decision has been widely hailed as a turning point in the game of elite sports, helping to remove lasting stains on mental health.

It was not clear if she intended to compete in the rest of the Olympics.

She will be defending each of her individual titles on Thursday, and has also qualified for the finals of the individual apparatus on Sunday.

The Biles said late Tuesday that they would assess their readiness to compete on a “day-to-day” basis.

“Physically, I’m fine, I’m fine,” he said on today’s NBC television program. “We’re going to take it every day, and we’re going to see.”

As Byles considered the schedule for the rest of his competition, he gained widespread support from athletes, officials, sports officials and public figures.

Sarah Hershland, President of the US Olympic Committee and Chief Executive Officer of the Paralympic Committee, tweeted, “Simon, you are very proud of us. We are proud of who you are as a person, teammate and athlete.”

“We appreciate your decision to make mental health a top priority and offer you the full support and resources of our Team USA community as you travel forward.”

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted: “Am I good enough? Am I? Yes, I am. The mantra I practice every day. @ Simon_Bulls, we are proud of you and we are uprooting you. “

Two-time Olympic alpine ski champion Mikayla Schaefer also offered support by tweeting: “@Simon_Bulls keeps saying your smile is uncertainly golden. Always.”

Philippine boxing legend Mani Pakiwao tweeted: “Once champion, always champion. God base @ Simon_Bulls.”

American swimming and Olympic legend Michael Phelps, who revealed his own struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts after the 2018 Olympics, said he was “heartbroken” to see Bill struggle on Tuesday.

Phelps told NBC that the Olympics could be heavy for athletes, and that he often struggled to get help during his career.

“The biggest thing is that we all need to ask for help sometimes as we go through that time,” Phelps said. “To me, I can personally say it was a difficult thing. It was difficult for me to ask for help.

Alice Raceman, a former U.S. teammate for Byles, spoke to her friend about her concerns.

“I know all these athletes have been dreaming of this moment for the rest of their lives, and I’m devastated,” Resman told NBC.

“I’m obviously very upset and I’m just hoping Simon is OK.”

Raisman and Byles were among the gymnasts who raped former US team doctor Larry Nasr, who was jailed in 2018 on sexual assault charges.

“It’s just that much pressure, and I see how much pressure it has put on him in the coming months at the Games, and it’s just devastating. I feel terrible.

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