France will introduce anti-code passes for cafes and trains from August 9


PARIS: France will enact new legislation from August 9 that would require a health pass to travel to a cafe, board a plane or travel by train in the city of Benin, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Legislation passed by parliament over the weekend has sparked widespread protests in France, but the government is determined to move forward and make health a key part of the fight against Code 19.

A valid health pass is made through a recognized vaccine, two negative corona virus tests or two relapses from recent recovery from infection. The law also requires vaccinations for health workers and caregivers.

The pass is mandatory before July 21 for visits to museums, cinemas and cultural sites with a capacity of more than 25 people. Government spokesman Gabriel Atal said it would be binding on cafes, restaurants, flights and intercity trains from August 9.

He added that the growing number of infections by delta variant, with an average of 19,000 cases per day – 97% more than a week earlier – meant that the health situation in France was deteriorating and worrying. Who is

Atal’s announcement comes as statistics show that 50 percent of France’s adult population has now been vaccinated with two drops. The government’s health pass strategy makes vaccination its first weapon in the fight against CoV 19.

– More vaccine centers.

Atal stressed that there would be some tolerance in the initial phase from August 9. Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djibri said authorities wanted to “control a good level” without making life difficult for passengers.

Before returning to school after the summer holidays, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blinker said secondary school and college students would be removed from classes only if their fellow students did not receive the polio vaccine themselves. Would be tested positive.

He said 6,000 to 7,000 vaccination centers would be set up around schools to help adolescents recover.

Following a similar decision on Pfizer-Biotech in mid-June, the French Health Authority on Wednesday approved modernizing children aged 12-17.

The Health Pass legislation will take effect five days after the Constitutional Council, France’s highest constitutional authority, issued its decision on August 5, four days later.

The council has the power to send back legislation and changes to the government, but the government is confident it will get the green light.

The plans proved widely controversial, sparking two weekend protests that led to more than 160,000 rallies across the country on Saturday, with dozens arrested.

President Emmanuel Macron said over the weekend that refusing to be vaccinated meant “irresponsibility and hostility”.

Meanwhile, health officials on Wednesday declared a state of health emergency in Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy overseas in the French Caribbean to increase the number of people there if movement is limited.

He also remarked that the level of vaccination in Guadeloupe is only 15%.

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