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Jamaica’s Shelley Ann Fraser-Price is trying to make history on Saturday by becoming the first woman to win the first Olympic 100-meter gold medal and will take her place as one of the most talented athletes in the sport.

Thirteen years after his victory in Beijing, at the age of 34, and taking the time to have a baby, Fraser-Price reached Tokyo on the back of an amazing 10.63-second run and finished third with compatriot Azin Bolt. Hot favorite blue ribbons to match gold in the 100m event.

That performance made her the world’s fastest female cheerleader – only Florence Griffith Jr. at the time – and she’s the fastest sprint in more than three decades, setting herself the Fraser Price. Also surprised.

“I never expected to run 10.6,” he said after the June race. “Because 10.6 has been a dream, a goal, I’ve been working so hard, so be patient. I’m so excited.”

With the 2016 Rio de Janeiro bronze medalist, she is the loser in the 2008 and 2012 titles.

Things have not been completely smooth this season as she finished fourth in the inaugural Diamond League session of the season in May, where she lost to Britain’s 200m world champion Dina Asher Smith.

But he won his next Diamond League race in Doha, then stunned the game with his 10.63 and chased him with the Jamaican national title at 10.71.

Possibly decorated with

Fraser Price is one of the most talented and explosive players in the Jamaican team who can collect a clean sweep of medals.

Defending Olympic champion Elaine Thompson’s diamond looks like the best lace to deny compatriot Fraser-Price victory.

They beat Hungary’s Fraser Price three weeks ago, the fastest 10.10 for the second time this year. The 29-year-old is not ready to give up her Olympic title yet.

Another Jamaican, 400-meter Olympic bronze medalist in Rio, Sherica Jackson has focused on short spirits this year and is fighting.

She promises to join the search for a medal after setting the fourth fastest time of 2021, trailing Fraser-Price at the Jamaican National Championships with an amazing time of 10.10.

America’s first legal gold prospect after the Gail Divers victory in 1996 – Marin Jones was stripped of the 2000 award for doping offenses – after national trial winner Shakiri Richardson was rejected after testing positive for cannabis. Was greatly reduced.

Richardson’s ban means that 26-year-old Javin Oliver is carrying the weight of the medal challenge, but his best performance of 10.96 shows that he can fight to the extreme end.

Britain’s first medal hope in the 100m since 1960 is with 200m world champion captain Asher Smith.

She has not lost this year and is second behind Fraser Pace in the 2019 World Championships. With a personal best of 10.83, Asher Smith is a real contender for the podium in Tokyo, and if all goes well for her and Jamaica is a short distance away, she will be the first women’s 100 for her country. The meter can even dream of sleeping.

The freezer price, however, is much more experienced and will start as a hot favorite. “Shelley is the only person who can lose this race,” Eisen Bolt recently told Reuters. “All they have to do is go and implement it, and that shouldn’t be a problem.”

One of the races with the final on Saturday night is Friday, the first day of the athletics program.

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