The COVID – 19 epidemics has appeared as a devastating challenge and it gives a 360 degree turn to the global economic, social, and healthcare systems. We do not have any idea when the pandemic is over, how many people will be diseased, and how many deaths will be claimed by the coronavirus. This virus came to Pakistan and the first case was reported on 26 February 2020. As of today, COVID -19 cases in Pakistan have reached 906,000 and the death rate due to this virus is 20,400. The government of Pakistan has taken various actions at different levels to save people.

Lockdown across the country started in March 2020 as per instructions of the government. Social distancing and self-quarantine are the only way to control the spread of the virus.  It is the only option left for the government to enforce lockdown, which is highly seen in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, these lockdown, self-isolation and quarantine caused mental health problems.

The mental health sufferings due to COVID-19 are commonly observed. This widespread lockdown is generating a sense of insecurity, fear, panic, and stress in our societies. In Pakistan, people are in their homes in quarantine, self-isolation is under extreme psychological and physical pressure. Furthermore, several people have lost their jobs they are also under stress.

Kids and teenagers might be strongly affected by the anxiety and stress created by covid-19 and they are afraid of losing their loved ones or loved ones will get sick. Take time to talk serenely and comfort children about what is happening in a way that they can understand. There are some coping tips to deal with stress during this pandemic.

  • Connect with your friends and relatives through video calls, phone calls, texts or social media. 
  • Keep yourself up to date with information from reliable resource. 
  • Take good care of yourself and family by taking good diets.
  • Relax your body by taking deep breaths, stretch and involve yourself in the activity you love.
  • Do spiritual practices at home that give you relaxation and emotional strength.

Submitted by “Arooba Zafar”, Date 28 July 2021.


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