Okun wins chaotic Hungarian GP, ​​Hamilton wins championship



Lewis Hamilton missed out on his 100th victory but took the lead at the World Championships as France’s Esteban Okun won his first victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday.

After a tactical mistake led polar Hamilton to the finish line, the British made their way through the field, eventually overtaking O’Connor’s alpine teammate Fernando Alonso, French and Sebastian at Austin Martin. Vettel was third behind.

However, Vettel was later disqualified when it was found that his vehicle had violated fuel laws.

Hamilton was promoted to second place by Ferrari’s Carlos Sans, filling the podium.

For the 24-year-old Okun, who controlled the race from the front, he marked his first victory in his 78th Grand Prix and his first victory for a new-looking alpine setup.

“What a moment! That sounds great!” Okon said.

“That’s great, what can I say? Congratulations to Fernando (Alonso) too, I think the victory in this fight is due to what he did.

“It’s teamwork, it’s been a wonderful day!”

Max Verstappen’s Red Bull was wrecked in the first lap crash, which drove five cars, and he eventually finished tenth.

The Dutchman was then promoted to ninth after Vettel’s expulsion and Hamilton took an eight-point lead in the championship.

“Congratulations to the Alpine team and Esteban on his first win وہ he’s been a shining star for a long time,” Hamilton said in a post-race interview. Two weeks ago, there was an accident on the British GP which drove out Versatapen.

“Today was definitely a difficult day, we always make it difficult for ourselves.

“It’s crazy to think that in the beginning we were just on the grid, but these things happen and we learn from them. I gave it everything and in the end I have nothing left.”

Mercedes also led the Constructors Championship. Going into the summer break, they are now 12 points ahead of the Red Bull.

Two weeks after the controversial clash between Hamilton and Werstapen in the opening lap at Silverstone, Hunger Rouge has re-emerged, this time as indicated by Mercedes’ Voltaire Bottas.

With the rain coming down, Finn started a series of collisions at the opening turn that not only knocked him out of the race but also Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, Austin Martin of Lance Strolle and Lando Norse’s McLaren. Calculated .

Botas admitted he was at fault after the Belgian GP at the spa at the end of the next was awarded five places on the grid for the next race.

“I think it’s fairly reasonable,” Botas said.

“I made a bad start and I lost my speed. I misunderstood the braking point and turned off the wheels.

“I was responsible for killing Lando and that meant he cut people in front of him.

“It’s not very good for me and it’s not good for others. It’s not like I did it on purpose.”

Seven-time world champion Hamilton started on the pole for the 101st time in his F1 career, leading to chaos in the rain and when he was on the grid to restart, other cars were changing all tires according to better weather.

Oddly enough, in one lap, Hamilton was behind as a Mercedes, after failing to switch his tires, called him inside.

“I was telling the team what the track was like during the lap but they said when we were getting in the car I thought they had other information,” Hamilton said after the race.

He started an epic race from the UK that might have ended in his 100th GP win if it hadn’t been for the 40-year-old Alonso’s superb defensive driving that kept him from shutting down Vettel and Okun.

O’Connor was also untouched by the chaos of the first lap and was second when it resumed. With Hamilton’s plight, the French took the lead in the race.

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