The spectators finally got close to Iso Velodome.



After more than a week without spectators at the Olympic grounds, spectators arriving at the Iso Weldroom on Monday are a welcome tonic for the troubled Games.

A capacity of 50 capacity is allowed at the track cycling site in the jungle hills near Mount Fuji outside Tokyo, where strict curfew 19 restrictions apply.

These ticketed spectators will be the first in sports to watch the event in one place, even though thousands of people lined the streets for cycling road races over the opening weekend, and spectators at events including mountain bikes and triathlon. Were present

Some also saw BMX action from a bridge at Tokyo’s Erica Sports Park over the weekend.

During a rainstorm on Monday morning, a steady stream of spectators arrived at Shozhenji Station, the closest link to the Iso Velodrome, 130 kilometers (81 miles) west of Tokyo, many of whom boarded the Shinkansen Bullet Train. Picked up from Tokyo.

“I’m a big fan of cycling,” said Hiroki Oyama, 46, arriving with his wife. “I applied for a ticket to every cycling competition and that’s what I won.”

A 10-year-old fan, wearing an official Olympic T-shirt, said it was fun to be here, but added that she would not tell her friends, who were frustrated at not being able to watch the game.

Not everyone was happy to see the Games in the city, with many senior protesters making anti-Olympic remarks at the station.

If Tokyo organizers had stuck to their original plan to build a new ڈر 100 million velodrome in Tokyo, the world’s best track cyclists would have ridden quietly around this week, except for spinning their wheels.

Instead, to deal with the cost of ballooning, it was decided to use Iso Resort, a cycling theme park, where a silver-domed velodrome entered the forest in 2011.

The cycling governing body, the UCI, was unwilling to take the initiative, saying it would rob Olympic Village athletes of their experience and make it difficult for spectators to travel.

As it turns out, riders will enhance their Olympic experience with fans through the trackside.

The first of seven days of track action, in which 12 gold medals will be awarded, was scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. local time, with the women’s team sprint gold medal to be decided after Monday.

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