Bangladesh postpones England cricket tour


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The two countries said on Tuesday that Bangladesh’s cricket tour for September-October has been postponed until 2023. Both countries said on Tuesday that the two countries were struggling to cope with 19 epidemics.

The UN cricket board said it had “mutually agreed” to postpone three ODIs and three T20 Internationals.

The postponement makes it possible for players from both teams to participate in the Indian Premier League, which resumes in the UAE on September 19.

The cash-rich IPL was suspended in May after India was hit by a major wave of coyotes and an epidemic that affected cricket tours around the world.

England is expected to play two T20 matches against Pakistan in October. The T20 World Cup will start on October 17 in the United Arab Emirates.

“With all the challenges and a full cricket calendar, both boards agree that rescheduling the tour is the best way to go,” said an English board official.

Cricket teams around the world are facing the pressure of intense scheduling and cowardly obstacles.

England star Ben Stokes’ decision to take an indefinite break from cricket due to mental health concerns has been blamed in part on a packed tour schedule.

England will travel to Bangladesh in the first two weeks of March 2023 to play ODIs and T20s in Dhaka and Chittagong.

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