For the Elliott Athletes of Italy, the discount of Covid 19 was paid in Tokyo.



Italy has decided to allow elite athletes to be exempted from training and training in the last 18 months in Tokyo. The country has won a total of six medals from its last two Olympics, including six. Days left

As of Monday, the Italians had won 28 medals, the most in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and London in 2012. Other Olympic powerhouses, such as Germany and France, the hosts of the 2024 Games, have so far won more than 40 medals in almost half of the last two editions.

“CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) strongly supports the preparation of high-level athletes,” Italy spokesman Danilo de Tomaso told Reuters on Tuesday.

Although other nations often close gyms, stadiums and pools for everyone during epidemics, Italy allowed a group of elite athletes, about 250, to continue their training.

“Some of our athletes, such as Guyanmarco Tembri, have only spent two weeks in the last 18 months where they have not been able to train. The exception we got for elite athletes to continue training was very important.

Tambury lit up the Tokyo Olympic Stadium here on Sunday, sharing a high jump gold medal with Qatar’s Mutaz Issa Barsham one night in which Italy’s Lamont Marcel Jacobs won the 100m sprint and the Blue Ribbon event in athletics.

No Italian reached the Olympic 100-meter final, winning the event in the history of the Games.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has already invited Jacobs and Tambury to a reception at his official residence. He came to celebrate last month’s European Championship victory over the Italian football team and Wimbledon runner-up Matteo Barretini.

Signs of Italy’s power were seen before the Games when a record 384 players qualified for Tokyo. His best was 367 at the 2004 Athens Games.

“But in Athens we qualified for eight teams, while here we have only five teams, which means a lot of individual players have qualified here,” de Tomaso said.

Financial rewards for Italian medalists are far more lucrative than in other European countries, with gold medalists earning 180,000 euros (21 213,858). Italians receive 90,000 euros for silver, while bronze earns them 60,000 euros.

German medalists receive 20,000 euros for gold, 15,000 euros for silver and 10,000 euros for third place. France’s figures are less than half that of Italy’s medalists, 65,000 euros for gold, 25,000 for silver and 15,000 for bronze.

“It could be the end of an expensive Olympics in terms of medal payments, with six days left in the competition,” de Tomaso joked.

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