Crying for Barcelona, ​​PSG waited impatiently for Lionel Messi.


The star footballer is joining a Qatar-owned club after leaving Barcelona. Photo AFP

PARIS (Reuters) – A crowd of Lionel Messi fans outside the Paris Saint-Germain grounds on Monday showed how eagerly France were waiting for the star footballer to join a Qatar-owned club after leaving Barcelona.

PSG fans stood at the entrance to the Parc des Princes in the hope that the 34-year-old superstar might appear, while others gathered at Le Bourget airport north of the French capital if Messi arrived.

Paris is expected to be Messi’s next destination, after which he will leave the club in tears, representing 17 years of his illustrious professional career.

On Monday, however, AFP TV reporters saw him at his home near Barcelona with his family, as well as his friend and former colleague Luis Suarez.

After Bar اعلانa’s announcement last week that they could not afford to retain their all-time goal scorer, PSG emerged as a favorite to sign Messi, thanks to the unlimited funding of their Qatari owners.

They see it as a lost piece in their jigsaw as they chase the Champions League, the trophy they want more than anything else.

The club has been ready to welcome Messi since Sunday, and on Monday the French media reported that it was a matter of time, not time.

“It only takes hours,” suggested the sports daily L´Equipe, which announced that “we are entering the incredible days in the history of the French Championship.”

Before signing any contract in Paris, Macy’s must undergo a medical examination.

Come to terms.

The player admitted in his tearful farewell news conference in Barcelona on Sunday that joining the PSG was a “possibility”.

In fact, Abu Dhabi-owned Manchester City have ruled themselves out, the only club to expect a deal of 35 million euros (41 41 million) a year.

“From day one, I gave Barcelona everything I had until the last day. I never thought of saying goodbye,” said Messi.

“I still don’t agree with the fact of leaving this club – I like this club.”

He leaves Barcelona with 672 goals in 778 matches, a record for a club.

Messi has won 35 trophies at Camp Nine since joining Barہa at the age of 13 and deserves a better farewell – his last appearance came in May against Celta Vigo behind closed doors in a 2-1 defeat.

His trophy includes four Champions League and 10 La Liga titles.

“The biggest thing is that you can outdo me whenever you want,” wrote Dani Alves, a former Barcelona teammate of Messi, who won the 43rd title of his career with Brazil at the Olympics.

On Monday morning, pictures of Argentina came out of tears on the pages of all Spanish sports dailies such as Marca, AS and Sport.

A group of Barcelona fans, represented by a Paris lawyer, have announced their intention to file a complaint with the European Commission over the rules of the financial fair, which Barcelona and PSG must follow.

L Unusual for League 1

Despite an offer to halve his salary to seal a new five-year deal on which a club is borrowing 1.2 billion euros and the player agreed, the deal is subject to stricter Spanish league pay cap rules. Decided

Messi’s arrival will make PSG even more clear favorites to regain the French title they lost to Lilly last season.

Some people in League 1 have mixed feelings about the arrival of the greatest player ever.

“It’s extraordinary for League 1,” said Metz coach Frederic Antoniti.

“But for a purebred like me, Messi should have ended his career at Barcelona.”

This summer, PSG have already added veteran Spanish defender Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid and Euro 2020 star Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma.

He has also signed Liverpool midfielder Giorgione Wijnaldum, who is snatching the Dutchman from under Barcelona’s nose, and has spent 60 million euros on Inter Milan right-back Achraf Hakimi, who has been linked with a move to the league over the weekend. Scored on debut.

Another attraction of going to Paris is that coach Mauricio Pochettino, like Messi, started his career with the Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, Argentina.

All are planning to appear in front of supporters on Saturday, when PSG will play at Strasbourg’s home and will be allowed to enter the full house of about 48,000 people for the first time in 18 months. Earlier, there was an outbreak of corona virus.

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