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Lionel Messi will arrive in Paris on Monday in the lure of PSG’s unlimited funds, saying a tearful farewell to Barcelona after 21 years.

The 34-year-old, who was seen by Qatari owners of the French giants as a key missing piece of their frustrating Champions League puzzle, is already playing a guessing game.

On Sunday night, dozens of PSG divers gathered at the gates of Le Bourget Airport, north of the capital, hoping to catch a glimpse of their new ‘Galactico’.

However, their wait was in vain.

Stressing that no agreement had been reached, Messi admitted in a tearful farewell news conference in Barcelona earlier on Sunday that joining the PSG was a “possibility”.

In fact, they are the only club to expect a 35 35 million-a-year deal for the 34-year-old Argentine.

“I gave everything for Barcelona from day one until the last minute,” Messi told the news conference.

“I am not yet satisfied with the fact of leaving this club – I love this club,” added a fit Messi, who repeatedly wiped tears in front of a squadron of journalists at the club’s Camp Nou Ground. Who greeted him with a standing ovation.

Messi, considered one of the most promising players in the history of the game, has won 35 trophies at Barcelona, ​​including 13 at the age of 13 – including four Champions League and 10 League titles and a record 672 goals. Have a record of Top five European leagues.

– ‘Great for League 1’ –

Despite an offer to halve his salary to seal a new five-year deal agreed upon by a club and player with a 2 1.2 billion (1.5 1.5 billion) loan, the deal saw stiff Spanish league pay cuts. Established on

Some have mixed feelings about the arrival of Messi in France’s Ligue 1, which will form a superstar attacking force, along with Calin Mbabane and Neymar, who earn مل 36 million a year and are teammates for the former Barcelona team in Argentina.

“It’s extraordinary for League 1,” said Metz coach Frederic Antoniti.

“But for a purebred like me, Messi should have ended his career at Barcelona.”

This summer, PSG have already included veteran Spanish defender Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid, where he has won four Champions League titles as Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma.

Macy’s is a free agent. Ramos also arrived on a free transfer.

Moving to Park des Princes would mean reuniting him with his Argentine international partner Angel de Maria.

An added attraction is that coach Mauricio Pochettino, like Messi, began his career at the Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, Argentina.

Pochettino is not giving anything on the arrival of Messi.

“There are a lot of rumors. A lot is being said,” he said when PSG won their opening game of the new league season 2-1 at Troy.

Jorge Sampoli, coach of PSG’s bitter rival Marseille, said Messi’s arrival could only be good news for French football.

“It’s going to be great for League 1, he’s the best player in the world,” Sampoli said.

“French football has won a lot and made a lot of progress in recent seasons.

“Even if he goes to a club other than Marseille, it will be good. Everyone will be happy at the championship. Playing against him will be an added impetus for us.”

Meanwhile, in a sign that Barcelona are looking to move fast, they beat Juventus 3-0 in a pre-season friendly on Sunday night.

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